RUMOR: new Apple ‘iPod mini’ due soon to feature color screen, possible 6GB capacity for US$249

“Within the next two weeks Apple will announce an updated iPod mini with a color screen and higher capacity hard drive, Think Secret has learned. Highly reliable sources have confirmed that the next iPod mini will gain a full-color active-matrix TFT screen while the form factor will remain largely unchanged. The color screen will be able to display colors clearly and brightly regardless of ambient lighting, even outdoors in direct sunlight. The new screen will be about the same size as the current iPod mini display and will sport a 176×132 resolution,” Ryan Katz reports for ThinkSecret.

“The next iPod mini will also pack a higher capacity Seagate drive. Sources hinted at a 6GB drive, but Seagate currently only offers its 1-inch hard drive the iPod mini would use in a 5GB capacity. The possibility always remains that for a customer as large as Apple, Seagate may quietly roll-out a 6GB version of its ST1 Series hard drive alongside the new iPod mini,” Katz reports. “Pricing on the new iPod mini will remain the same at $249. Expect the new iPod mini to be announced early next week, if not the following week at the latest.”

Full article with more details here.

MacDailyNews Take: If true, this will be another strong winner from Apple.


  1. I’m waiting for Thurrott to point out that another company has already done this, therefore, Apple is a total rip-off…

    Battery life on the mini-photo?

    (as you can tell.. i’m not climaxing over this rumor)

  2. I like the iPod mini a lot but I think there should be a market for iPod Monsta!! Imagine a honking iPod the size of shoebox for the honking SUV drivers. The iPod Monsta will have a 13in screen display, chrome click wheel with a lot of bling bling!! Yeah, also a SUV cell phone for the stupid, low IQ and EQ SUV drivers with ” the bigger the better (including their super sized butts)” mentality. The SUV phone should have 3 ft antenna, 8in color display, two external speakers, chrome bush buttons ( can’t live out that bling bling factor) and minimum size of the SUV phone should be no smaller than a size 12 shoes!!! America is about choices, right? Not necessary intelligent choice, but just pure choice right?

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