Survey shows Apple Macs owned by nearly 10 percent of US small and medium-sized businesses

“Dell Computer Inc. continues to stretch out its lead over Hewlett-Packard/Compaq for desktop systems among small businesses, according to a recently released survey conducted by IDC among 850 small businesses,” Ed Scannell reports for InfoWorld. “The survey, called the 2005 U.S. Small and Medium-Sized Business Survey, showed that Dell desktop PCs are owned by 43.5 per cent of the PC-owning small businesses, a significant increase compared to the results of a similar IDC study conducted five years ago. That previous study showed a much closer competition among five different PC makers, where 15 to 20 per cent of the small business PC owners said they had at least one PC from each of those five major suppliers.”

“The HP-Compaq combination, with 32.9 per cent, dropped to number two from the top spot it held five years ago… Both IBM and Gateway held their respective ownership levels over the past five years with each brand owned by 10 per cent of small businesses. Apple also continued to show a strong loyalty among its users, with slightly less than 10 per cent of small companies owning an Apple [Mac] system, particularly among those users involved with graphic arts,” Scannell reports.

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  1. Nicely done. That’s even without trying (no DellRadio, or making cheap boxes for this market). I don’t think anything much more than15% is reasonable unless Apple lowers themselves to the commodity end of the game (which I hope they don’t).

    Magic word: “nuclear”…. I have nothing here.

  2. I work in the graphic arts/printing industry and I would have to say that Mac is still the dominant platform in well over 50% of shops – down quite a bit from the peak of about 90% in the mid-nineties – but still a very respectable marketshare.

  3. Alright, so when is a consumer survey going to be done so we can get rid of this 95% windows nonsense???? The mac installed base and market share for consumer has to be pretty good considering that there are more people switching now.

  4. “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics.”
    [Benjamin Disraeli (1804–1881), British statesman, author. Quoted by Mark Twain in his Autobiography, ch. 29, Mark Twain (1924)]

  5. “The mac installed base and market share for consumer has to be pretty good considering that there are more people switching now.”

    Comment: The windows installed base is a huge monstrous thing compared to Mac installed base.

    I am amazed with the stats at how many people with Windows 95 visit our website.

    “…there are more people switching now.”

    Comment: Don´t kid yourself, It is just a teeny, tiny trickle of switchers.

  6. not steev m: “…there are more people switching now.”

    Comment: Don´t kid yourself, It is just a teeny, tiny trickle of switchers.”

    It’s just a tiny trickle NOW. Give it a year. Then we’ll see.

  7. This survey at least makes the attempt to poll the established user base, and not just quote the usual, meaningless, “everyPC maker and their dog sold more than Apple this quarter”

    Sam, which 50% went out of business? The ones that blew two years worth of operating capital keeping their PCs “free” of ad-ware, spy-ware, mal-ware, virii and etc? Thats not surprising at all.

    MDN word ‘bad’ as in I’m bad for sticking words in Sam’s post, but it is something worth thinking about

  8. About 30-precent of the visitors to our site come from Windows browsers. We assume that there are many “captive” Windows users– Mac users who are forced into the mines of Windows PCs at work, but do some of their browsing there.

    Of that 30-percent (it’s also growing, no doubt in part to the proliferation of Tera Patricks photos) the breakdown is thus:

    • 70-percent Windows XP
    • 20-percent Windows 2000
    • 5 percent Windows 98
    • 2 percent Windows NT
    • Windows 95 and Me are less thant .5-percent.

    Also of the total, Linux does not get 1-percent.

    We also run which is not Mac oriented. Windows accounts for 90-percent of visitors, Mac just under 10-percent. It’s been that way since we started keeping stats. That matches the MDN article above.

    Tera Patricks

  9. FINALLY !!

    For YEARS I’ve been touting that Macintosh had about 10% of the real “marketshare”. That is, computers bought and used by PEOPLE on a day to day basis, at home or at a business.
    PCs sell in big to government offices, schools, terminals in gas stations, real banks, real estate offices, etc.
    But at nite they sit there dark and cold, not used to buy iTunes, or to be on Ebay. No ‘person’ buys a lot of upgrades of hardware or software for them. And because they are PCs, they are replaced far more often than Macs, thus skewing the numbers of monthly or quarterly sales.
    If two PCs have to be sold for every Mac to keep the number of computers in your office ‘running’, that gives Wintel a 75% marketshare automatically. Even though there are still only two computers at one time in your office.
    Gadgets like the iPod, and the emergence of ITMS before it was Windows compatible demonstrated a long time ago that Apple has a much bigger impact on the marketplace than thought even a short while ago.

    2% marketshare?


    David Vesey

  10. The savvy NSW “Road and Traffic Authority” is full of lamp-iMacs. Service has never been better. Renew your Third Party Insurance and have your car inspected by an e-garage and it all gets forwarded to the RTA. Enter your Registration in the RTA site and you can do everything online: a win-win situation for all. No crashes or malware attacks to blunt the service makes the RTA experience always a smooth one.

    I almost reached over to pet one of ’em.

  11. Things are definitely percolating – even my nearly-70-year-old father is seriously, SERIOUSLY, thinking of buying a Mac for my mother to sit next to his old PC running an “essential” DOS accounting program (can’t wait to prove to him that Virtual PC will run it just fine, too – then see how quickly it goes away). I finally got them both to a local Apple store, and it was quite an interesting interpreting session, with me in the middle helping this 18 year old kid employee give the right answers to my dad, so he would understand the advantages of a Mac over getting a new Dell. Mom was just pretty much a bystander, with deer-in-headlight syndrome when we really got going…

    I remember helping him with keeping the punch card stacks in the correct order for a machine as long as a bowling lane as a kid at the accounting firm where he worked for 30 years. (okay, it may not have been that long, but it sure seemed that way to a 8 year old kid)

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