Sony CEO dismisses rumors the company will buy Apple, plans ‘iPod killer’

“Sony Corp said it will release a product by the end of the year to compete with Apple Computer Inc’s popular portable digital music player iPod,” AFX reports.

“Ando also dismissed rumours the company will buy Apple, saying it ‘has become too expensive because of the success of iPod.’ Chairman and chief executive Nobuyuki Idei added: ‘We have put in place a very aggressive plan to become number one again’ in portable music,” AFX reports.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: We thought the Sony Network Walkman was supposed to kill the iPod.


  1. Blah blah blah…

    Sony would be much smarter to partner with Apple in the digitial entertainment arena. By trying to compete directly with the iPod, they will just continue to embarrass themselves.

  2. In fairness to Sony and all other iPod competitors out there, how stupid would they sound if they came out and said “we’re planning on releasing a product that blows”. Of course they’re going to try and knock the iPod off–nobody should expect less. Whether they actually succeed is a different matter entirely.

  3. I don’t buy that argument. Apple is more valuble now because of the iPod, but the company wouldn’t have gone for chump change a few years ago, either.

    Let me guess…Sony’s iPod Killer #2 will be getting rid of the ATRAC format. As long as they don’t add WMA support…

  4. If you have $36 Billion (US) or so, it can be yours. That’s also counting on no counter bids, it could cost MUCH more. You would also be without Steve Jobs- he’s not going to work for anybody.

  5. ‘We have put in place a very aggressive plan to become number one again’ in portable music,”

    So, they will license the iPod like HP! I’m not seeing other way. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”raspberry” style=”border:0;” />

  6. “You would also be without Steve Jobs- he’s not going to work for anybody.”


    Well said, but it’s more than that. Jobs’ presence at Apple is like a double-edged sword to potential buyers. You can’t live with him, but who could replace him? Sony actually had exploratory talks with Apple about 4 years ago, but the then-CEO of Sony (not sure if it was Ando) was reportedly highly put off by Jobs’ “arrogance”.

    The question of succession is also critical to Apple as well. When Jobs retires or dies, how will Apple fare without him? What arrogant, hard-headed, hard-charging visionary do they have waiting in the wings? Jobs is exceedingly charming, but by all reports is not very likable, with a volatile temper and serious anger management issues, but his leadership is critical to Apple’s drive to innovate. Look at what happened to Apple during the years he was absent from the company, and look at Sony after Akio Morita retired. There is a decades-old legend in Cupertino that people are afraid to get into the elevator with Jobs, because chances are that they might no longer be employed by the time they reach their floor.

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