UBS Analyst: Retail traffic appears to be ‘extraordinary’ for Apple

“Apple Computer’s stock gained Monday, getting a lift to a new 52-week high from upbeat comments by a UBS analyst on the computer maker’s new lower priced Mac Mini computer and iPod Shuffle digital music player products. Shares of the Cupertino, Calif.-based maker of sleek tech gear climbed $3.42, or over 4 percent, to close at $84.63,” Michael Paige reports for CBS MarketWatch.

Paige reports, “Following a recent round of visits and polls of Apple’s retail stores and other retailers, UBS analyst Benjamin Reitzes said ‘Apple’s momentum continues -even into its seasonally slow second quarter and is getting set to build again throughout this calendar year with new products and retail expansion. Our checks indicate that the company is seeing a very solid reception for the new Mac Mini and iPod Shuffle, as well as strong sales of new PowerBooks,’ Reitzes said. He also continues to expect Apple will launch a new, higher-capacity version of its hugely popular iPod Mini and said he wouldn’t be surprised to see ‘a whole new generation of iPods later this calendar year.’ Retail traffic appears to be ‘extraordinary’ for Apple, with its retail outlets seeing up to a million visitors per week, the analyst said. To be sure, new products are selling out soon after shipments hit retail stores and many outlets have waiting lists for the Mac Mini. ‘While Dell and HP may be seeing consumer weakness of late, it does not appear that Apple is feeling any of this pressure,’ Reitzes asserted.”

“Reitzes raised his fiscal second-quarter earnings estimate to 45 cents a share, up from 41 cents previously, based on a 67 percent year-over-year gain in sales to $3.19 billion. For the entire year, the analyst increased his earnings expectation to $2.15 per share from an earlier estimate of $1.95 a share. He lifted his 2005 sales estimate to $13.7 billion, or a 65 percent rise from the prior year, from a prior estimate of $12.8 billion,” Paige reports.

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple’s Q2 ’05 Quarterly Earnings Call is scheduled for April 13, 2005 and all eyes in the personal computer, consumer electronics, and the wider tech industry in general will be on Cupertino that day. 2005 is shaping up to be a seminal year for Apple and the company’s 2nd quarter results will give an important indication as to the strength of Apple’s Macintosh platform’s resurgence.

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    I’m sorry I can’t help you with your “Safari” problem, but my Mom’s eMachine doesn’t have that app installed. Internet Explorer® works great. I have a hack installed that blocks the pop-ups. It’s totally cool.

    You Mac zealots crack me up. You talk about how great your toys are and how awesome the Apple software is, but your browser can’t even block pop-ups! How lame is that?

  2. Shopper,

    The numbers don’t like. There are much better numbers for the Apple store than most stores of this kind. We’re making massive profits, and there are people buying.

    Oregon isn’t so healthy economically. Schools are in the toilet. Two State Police protect the whole coastline. There are more lawyers per square feet in Salem than anywhere else in the country except D.C. Healthcare isn’t working. Rationing of necessary medical treatments is rampant. In that climate, I can imagine the Oregon store isn’t doing as well as most.

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  3. “The Apple retail stores completely suck. They can’t even compare to CompUSA or the computer section of Best Buy.”

    Indeed not. RMFAO. I really hope that post was in jest.

    Three things:
    1. We don’t need the Geek Squad to keep our systems running.
    2. “Top-notch Napster” is an oxymoron.
    3. Best Buy is the world’s worst place to buy anything electronic (worse than even Wal-Mart). I honestly don’t see how they sell anything besides CD’s. I’d rather mail order from Gateway.

  4. I have a friend who bought a new Toshiba from Best Buy. Worse mistake he ever made. It has had continuous problems since the purchase. Best Buy has not been able to fix it. Best Buy´s solution was to take the computer in for repairs twice and return it without having done a thing. Finally, after some research, my friend discovered they had installed generic memory which wasn´t supported in the machine. After asking Best Buy to replace the memory, he was told they couldn´t get the appropriate memory module. But they would be happy to replace the memory with another generic module after he paid for it. Yeah, they really are worse than anything I´ve ever seen. Thank the goddess for Apple´s example of good retail.

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