Apple hits new all-time high; likely to inspire tears of joy from even the most stolid of bulls

“Apple Computer (AAPL) has rallied to another new all-time high today, spurred northward by positive musings from Merrill Lynch. The brokerage firm upped its 12-month (pre-split) target on AAPL above the psychologically significant century mark, boosting it 20 percent to $102 from $85. Reacting to the fact that Sony’s President shared the stage with AAPL head Steve Jobs at MacWorld, Merrill hypothesized that the two firms may be exploring business ventures with one another,” Beth Gaston Moon writes for

“APPL’s price chart is likely to inspire tears of joy from even the most stolid of bulls. The stock has increased nearly seven-fold since mid-2003 and has overcome previous all-time highs in the 75 region,” Gaston Moon writes. “As exemplified by Merrill Lynch’s vote of confidence earlier today, analysts have become to warm to AAPL. According to Zacks, there are a combined 12 ‘buy’ and ‘strong buy’ ratings on the stock, compared to five ‘holds.’ What is odd is the one lingering outright ‘sell’ on a stock that continues to produce dazzling technical and fundamental results.”

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MacDailyNews Note: AAPL is currently trading up $3.34 at $87.97 per share, and earlier today hit a high of $89.08.

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  1. D’oh! I had a good one lined up, too. Better luck next time, eh?

    I guess my Mom’s eMachine just can’t refresh quickly enough. Strange. I thought that running IE 5 on XP Home was my speed advantage over you Mac tools.

  2. I keep reading “new all time high” for the stock price. While I love every bit of that sentence, I keep wondering why the previous highs, back in pre-split ’99, of over $120 don’t seem to count. Do 2-1 stock splits erase all memory of former achievements? Confusing.

  3. …that a 2-for-1 stock split means that there are twice as many shares available after than before. Therefore, prices prior to the split should be cut in half OR prices after should be doubled to reach a comparable level. Duh.

    So in today’s terms the “over $120” that you cite would be “over $60” and not near the current valuations.

    Please get a clue. They are available everywhere.

  4. Don’t confuse the issue, you Mac zealot dolt. Apple stock will soon be worthless once the Mac-fan press wakes up from their Steve Jobs obsessed slumber and realize that Apple still has JUST 1.8% MARKET SHARE!!!

    You people are pathetic. Stop the group therapy session and just go buy a Dell already. You’ll thank me later.

  5. wandering_joe / donnie,

    It’s never too late to invest in a stock that you believe has positive growth potential. You need to forget about the past performance, and concentrate on what you believe to be the current value and future growth opportunities of AAPL.

    My money continues to be directed toward weekly purchases until I see a change in the tide.

  6. NMFY . . . Nobody with a Dell has any reason to be thankful, except perhaps the proverbial farmer IN one, hi-hoeing the dairy-o!

    As for the market share issue you raise so tediously, it truly has become the last refuge of a scoundrel (to paraphrase Dr. Johnson a bit). Apple is making gobs of money hand over fist, and their future is so bright, even wearing shades won’t help financial analysts’ eyes. FYI: Porsche’s market share of the worldwide automobile market is MUCH smaller than Apple’s share of the computer world. Very few discriminating buyers would turn down EITHER, given the opportunity.

  7. I’m not sure why people keep thinking that the low market share is such bad thing. It leaves room for mind-blowing growth. A slow, steady rise would be wonderful. As long as they continue to be profitable and earnings increase, who cares?

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