Motorola unveils ‘Apple iTunes phone’

“Motorola showed a long-awaited music phone with Apple’s iTunes music player software Monday and unveiled a range of new handsets that are built around its popular RAZR model,” Reuters reports. “The new iTunes compatible E1060 model phone, which the company said is aimed at music aficionados, allows users to download and carry a limited number of songs in the iTunes format. Apple’s iTunes music software has become increasingly popular thanks to meteoric sales of the computer maker’s iPod, the world’s leading portable music player.”

Reuters reports., “But Motorola does not have an exclusive deal with Apple. ‘We’re committed to have iTunes as the default music client, but we’ll also continue to support other music players such as RealPlayer (from RealNetworks),’ Amer Husaini, vice president for Motorola’s mobile devices group in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and South Asia, said at 3GSM in Cannes, the world’s biggest mobile trade show.”

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  1. I was a die-hard Motorola cellphone user until I got their V60. This phone was a piece of crap, and trying to recharge the battery was a real nightmare by itself! After the phone finally died on me, I swore never ever to touch another Motorola phone again in my life.

    Then they came out with the Razar V3 with USB charging and I was in love again. But luckily it was just short term lust, so I managed to stay true to my own oath (for now).

    We’ll see what happens when the 3G phones start to flood the mass market.

  2. No mention of Microsoft just iTunes & Real. How the table has turned over the last 4 years when it was all Microsoft or nothing. Bill Gates must be shitting himself.

    I heard MS are working in conjunction with Nokia, joint venture of the two big mammoths.

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