Motorola unveils ‘Apple iTunes phone’

“Motorola showed a long-awaited music phone with Apple’s iTunes music player software Monday and unveiled a range of new handsets that are built around its popular RAZR model,” Reuters reports. “The new iTunes compatible E1060 model phone, which the company said is aimed at music aficionados, allows users to download and carry a limited number of songs in the iTunes format. Apple’s iTunes music software has become increasingly popular thanks to meteoric sales of the computer maker’s iPod, the world’s leading portable music player.”

Reuters reports., “But Motorola does not have an exclusive deal with Apple. ‘We’re committed to have iTunes as the default music client, but we’ll also continue to support other music players such as RealPlayer (from RealNetworks),’ Amer Husaini, vice president for Motorola’s mobile devices group in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and South Asia, said at 3GSM in Cannes, the world’s biggest mobile trade show.”

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  1. No mention of Microsoft just iTunes & Real. How the table has turned over the last 4 years when it was all Microsoft or nothing. Bill Gates must be shitting himself. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”cool smile” style=”border:0;” />

  2. All Good .. well MSFT is not out of the game just yet .. Nokia just announced the 60 Series with wndows media 10 … and Nokia is not exactly a small player either ..

  3. This is totally cool. Now if I can convince my Mom to get this phone for me then I can download iTunes from my Mom’s eMachine onto it and listen to Hanson while I text my friends during detention.

  4. iTunes of a phone is good and all, but its going to be really expensive. I predict $300 – $400 with contact.

    I’d rather spend $99 for a Shuffle and use my free phone.

  5. Hey DanK,

    Where are you seeing a photo of the phone that was announced today. What I have seen simply says that it is based on the RAZR and does not mention anything about earlier reports. The only photos I can find are pre-RAZR prototypes.

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  7. What I want is iTunes integration, but also good integration with iCal and AddressBook via iSync. If Motorola will do this (i.e. be the first cellphone to truly integrate with Apple) they will sell a ton.


  8. Yeah, I picked Moto’s V710, which is really a great phone, but Verizon disabled the bluetooth file transfers and iCal syncing. $350 for a crippled phone. Not too happy. What I am happy with, is being able to access the internet on my Powerboook, with my phone clipped to my belt. It’s really as easy as just clicking “Connect” in “Interent Connect”. It automatically pairs with the phone over bluetooth and takes me to the web. I hooked my cousin up with the same deal, who is a real estate agent. He can simply bring his computer anywhere with him, and be on the net. Great for his job. I wouldn’t mind a firmware upgrade on this phone to allow me to play iTunes, but that’s why I have an iPod too.

  9. When I heard about the iTunes phone from Motorola with full Mac synching built-in, I was very interested. I currently use a Sony-Ericsson T-616, and it synchs perfectly with my Macs, using my AT&T/Cingular account.

    But, as with others, I prefer a flip-phone like the Razr, so when Apple announced this deal, I was looking forward to a new phone. Unfortunately, this one isn’t a flip-phone. I’ve been interested, as well, in getting a cellular service with faster/cheaper Internet connectivity, but AT&T/Cingular’s solution is very expensive. That led me to check out Verizon, which does have a faster/cheaper Internet solution, but officially disables the synching capability in its phones (I guess to force you to pay for some more expensive options(?), but that’s unclear).

    The upshot is that synching is more important to me than cellular Internet access, so I’ll be waiting awhile for someone to offer the whole solution.

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