ZDNet Commentator: ‘Apple fans have always been pains in the backside’

“Apple fans have always been pains in the backside, an attitude the company has never failed to cultivate. Posters with Picasso, Einstein and other secular deities underlined the cultish sense of superiority, while the Switcher ads instilled the fervour of the recent convert. It’s a good way to cope with the insecurities that otherwise come with being heavily outnumbered: the more obscure a computer language, hardware platform or other religion, the more ardent the adherents,” Rupert Goodwins writes for ZDNet UK.

“But people, enough already. Today I have had two such encounters, one from a bloke from a record company who asked me ‘Is it true that my Macintosh doesn’t need antivirus software.’ ‘Yes,’ I said. ‘It also leaves you more time to be smug.’ ‘Well, smugger,’ he replied. You see my problem. One’s choice of computer is a personal matter, and I do not seek to judge — how could I, a chap who once nearly bought an Atari ST [Ed — And who has been letting the office know how much he wants a Mac mini…]. I know the joy that well-designed products can bring, and how it’s all the greater when all about you are knee-deep in dreck. But heaven help me — one more simpering, bright-eyed expression of undying love and we’ll be testing the splinter point of white polycarbonate with an industry standard crowbar. That’s one comparison a good old-fashioned ironclad dreadnought PC aces,” Goodwins writes.

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MacDailyNews Take: Several people that we’ve sucessfully switched from Windows to Mac have been know to tell us something like this, “You know, all those years you were trying to get me to try a Mac, I thought you were a royal pain in the ass. Now, I understand. Thank you, thank you, thank you for being such a pain in the ass!”

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  1. Several people that we’ve sucessfully switched from Windows to Mac have been know to tell us something like this, “You know, all those years you were trying to get me to try a Mac, I thought you were a royal pain in the ass. Now, I understand. Thank you, thank you, thank you for being such a pain in the ass!”

    If I had an Apple stock for every time I haver heard that in the last year I would be a rich man.
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  2. I come back to my same question, “Why do these people feel the need to bash others for being so pleased with their choice of a computer?”

    It almost seems the reverse of what the author states is true, it isn’t really about the smallness of marketshare that increases the smugness factor, but the bitterness of not being one of the happy few that comes out.

  3. And not that we can take his article too seriously, but if the best he can come up with is that a standard PC can take a hit from a crowbar better than a Mac, and that’s why you should choose to use a PC, well then, he’s maybe been hit with a crowbar himself a bit too often.

  4. …and so are tech writers who review apple products despite NEVER having used one, or the last apple product they tried was a IIE. Mac fans get frustrated and fed up with continually being blown off by people who think they know better because windows is the way to go. Generally, macs are considered “toys” by business and IT people, which is just rediculous. how can that be a justification to not look at a computer company??? especially when they’re consistently better and more advanced than the rest!

  5. When they invented Aspirin it might have been similer.

    “Hey friend, you do not need to be in pain, try this product – it will relieve your hurt”

    “I do not believe in such cures! Medicine is not the answer – I will continue to pray for my relief!”

    “No, seriously, try this, it works great!”

    “Oh you and your smugness! Begone with you!”

    “Ummm, I’m not being smug, I want you to enjoy the pleasure that I have found”


    “ok, suit yourself”

  6. This fellow’s life is not going to get any easier. There is a parallel:

    Right now, all he is getting are the people who never smoked. Actually, they are usually fairly easy to get along with. However, pretty soon, he will be feeling the smug wrath of the reformed smokers. Those who have converted and feel the inner majesty of their choice. Those whose noses having been finely tuned, and can seek out the smell of smoke at 100 metres on a windy day.

    Just wait till they start whaling on him. He should make sure he keeps hold of that crowbar!

  7. Mac people are not nearly a pain in the backside as the Windows eXPerience is.

    Too bad for all the people who don’t know any better. I use both PC and Macs so I have a broad understanding of why I like Macs better. For these “professionals”, without Windows they won’t have something to defend.

    As far as the posters of Picasso and Einstein, I’m pretty happy that I chose a product from a company that has some identity. In today’s Wal-mart world, it’s nice to shop at the mom & pop’s and be treated like a real customer, not another trouble ticket.

  8. You know, when you find something that just is a better experience, sometimes you’re inspired to let other people know about it. Call us “Born Again PC Users”, but it’s the truth. After switching to Mac, I actually look forward to using a computer at home, even after an 8 hour day answering Tech Support Phones. That’s GOTTA say something to ya.

  9. About 20 years ago, I was a non-smoker surrounded by smokers. I had to put up with them for many years. Over the years little by little, smokers switched.

    [Tabacco Company] was one of most powerful lobbyist in Washington D.C. Today it is still a powerful entity, but has changed into a food product company.

    g/non-smoker/s//Mac user/
    g/ smokers/s//Windows users/
    g/\[Tabacco company\]/s//Microsoft/

    Is it time to save the file yet?

  10. The biggest problem today is the bureaucrats of the IT industry can’t fathom that Microsoft’s grand plan to place a Windows PC on every desktop in every office and every home has failed. What I don’t understand is; why do these people carry such an arrogant attitude that everyone should use Windows and just be happy? Isn’t freedom of choice the most important thing here??

    Imagine every market carrying such a poor attitude; everyone will drive Fords, wear Levis jeans, eat hamburgers (at McDonalds mind ya), use Windows PCs and listen to Briteny Spears 24/7. Forget about having a mind of your own and making your own choices, these bureaucrats say that “hey look, everyone uses Windows, drives Fords, eats McDonalds hamburgers and listens to Britney Spears and they have the biggest marketshare so why choose anything else?!” Luckily, this type of closed-minded attitude only exists in the Pro-Microsoft driven (though badly influenced) IT industry.

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