Tech pundit Enderle looks at Apple’s Mac mini

“Apple’s Mac Mini is a step in the right direction for the Appliance PC and what consumers are looking for. Last month I focused on the negative aspects of Apple’s new products to make a point.  And, based on the feedback I got, the point I appeared to have made is that there are an awful lot of Apple folks who really don’t like anyone who disparages their beloved products,” Rob Enderle writes for DesignTechnica.

“While there are a number of trade offs that Apple made for the Mini that I don’t think were necessary, the product is actually closer to what I think the consumer market is actually looking for in a desktop offering.  No, Steve Jobs didn’t just arrive at my house with explosives, or worse, attorneys.  I just think it is time I acknowledged that there are a couple things I really wish the other vendors would learn from what Apple has done,” Enderle writes.

“I am convinced it is time we also rethink the operating system.  Windows was largely based on OS/2, which came out in the mid 80s, and both Linux and the MacOS X are based on UNIX which is even older.   All three platforms are based on the way the world was in the 80s and both hardware technology and users have changed dramatically since then.  When these OSs were new, users were still relatively technical while now the platform has to deal with a much lower understanding of the core technology as users increasingly abstract these old cores behind applications,” Enderle writes.

“Particularly when you look at the security exposures that exist today and the inability of traditional virus companies to get signature files out quickly enough and the massive problems all three platforms are having with patches I believe it is time to take a step back, lose the religion, and see if we can’t do better.  In fact, I think we should probably do this about once every 20 or so years,” Enderle writes.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: What “massive problems” is Mac OS X “having with patches,” exactly? Enderle has no credibility.


  1. Well it looks like Mr. Enderle is starting to switch. In fact he is quite positive!
    His credibility would be gone if he switched from black to white in a few weeks. Give him a break.

  2. I like critics with no creditbility, that say they get swamped with e-mails when the Apple folk don’t like what they say. There is probably a reason these critics get swamped-they just aren’t in the know.

  3. Enderle – what a fool. Oh it’s bad, no it’s good. Windows is great, no it’s a virus ridden piece of swiss cheese. But everything else is bad too. Let’s do the whole thing over again and start from scratch. Sheesh.

  4. I think he’s right in some aspects…
    Especially – “there are an awful lot of Apple folks who really don’t like anyone who disparages their beloved products” – Oh Wah, babies

    OSX = Unix = 40+ yrs old

    Windows isnt OS/2 its VMS Dumbass = 25+ years old (that credibility thing again)

    Linux = Unix = 40+ Yrs old

    We are all computing on ancient technology…Period..If you cant except that…too bad..ALL OS’s have patch after patch after patch even Mac OS…

  5. I think his point is still valid – that an OS bulit from scratch today could be made with modern technologies taken in to account and could be made far more efficient than these 20 – 30 year old bases used for today’s OS’s. Be tried this with the BeOS, but unfortunately was unsuccessful in the market place, despite having an OS that could run circles around the MacOS and Windows on the same hardware. In this case Enderle is 100% correct.

  6. Letter to the editor:

    Dear Mr Bell,

    I write because I visited your web site and came across the above cited article by Rob Enderle. After locating your email address I closed the pages from your site.

    You may not be aware how far out of touch with reality Rob Enderle is, whilst he has been known (or rather notorious) for his ill informed comment over the last couple of years he has plunged new depths recently even going as far as suggesting stability of desktop computers is a concern in earthquake zones.

    I suggest you use your favourite search engine and insert ‘enderle linux’ or ‘enderle apple’ to get a good idea of how wrong Rob’s comments are about two of the preeminent subjects in computing today. Searches for Enderle on the following web sites are particularly informative:

    Publishing Enderle will result in a short term increase in web page hits followed by a sustained fall in credibility. There are already several publishers no longer accepting comment and/or articles from Enderle.


  7. “What “massive problems” is Mac OS X “having with patches,” exactly? Enderle has no credibility”

    hmmm…OS 10.1.1…10.2.1,10.2.2,10.2.3,…..10.3.1, 10.3.2…………………

  8. Has anyone else noticed that Safari isn’t blocking popups anymore? I noticed this last night on another site in Safari, Firefox AND Camino…

    AS for Enderle…well, he still is a dip, doesn’t research his facts (Windows based on OS/2!?) and while I understand the point he’s trying to get at, I don’t think he realizes just how solid OS X is. As the saying goes..if it ain’t broke…don’t fix it.

  9. Ben rote: “hmmm…OS 10.1.1…10.2.1,10.2.2,10.2.3,…..10.3.1, 10.3.2…………………”

    Those are updates, not security patches. Sure they release security updates, but scour the web and find me ONE example of a Mac OS X virus. Go troll elsewhere.

  10. MacMalester “Windows isnt OS/2 its VMS Dumbass = 25+ years old (that credibility thing again)”

    You forgot that VMS was based on TOPS-10, which itself inherited some codes from OS for PDP-11 and PDP-8. In another words, both unix and Windows can be traced back to about same time, 40+ years ago.

    Unfortunately for Windows, it started with CP/M and DOS, which were OS created for 8 bits and 16 bits (questionable, but we will take IBM’s word for this one) computers, I believe CP/M was also based on OS for PDP-11. As I run some software on Windows 2000, I am reminded of this fact, C:\MYDOCU~1\SOMEWH~1\ONMYDI~1\.

    What makes MacOSX better than the other OS is, it is a rewrite of unix. It inherited most of user/system administration programs from unix (gnu and bsd), but its core is microkernel, which is considerably newer than the other OS, 20+ years I believe.

  11. The Jaguar XJS 12V’s engine design is still based on the combustion engine designed by Mr. Otto in the late 19th century. Since then, automakers have added various aggregates and patches to the original engine design, making the engine more bulky and difficult to service for non-specialists. Ditto for the Diesel engine design that was conceived in the 1920s, I believe. Since there is nothing better as yet, who gives a shit?

  12. Hagar57,

    According to the definitive tome on time travel, “Back to the Future 2”, by the year 2008 we will have cars that run on common refuse and nuclear fusion — oh, and they will fly as well.

    You just can’t take them past 88 MPH, much like today’s hybrids…

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