Apple Mac mini, iMac G5 models hold 5 of top 6 spots in Amazon’s Desktop Computer Top Sellers list

Amazon’s list of their most popular desktop computers shows Apple’s Mac mini and iMac G5 models hold five of the top six best sellers. Amazon’s list is now updated hourly:

#1 – Apple Mac mini (G4 1.25GHz, 256 MB RAM, 40 GB Hard Drive, DVD/CD-RW Drive)
#2 – Apple Mac mini (G4 1.42 GHz, 256 MB RAM, 80 GB Hard Drive, DVD/CD-RW Drive)
#4 – Apple iMac G5 Desktop with 17″ (1.80 GHz PowerPC G5, 256 MB RAM, 80 GB Hard Drive, SuperDrive)
#5 – Apple iMac G5 Desktop with 20″ (1.80 GHz PowerPC G5, 256 MB RAM, 160 GB Hard Drive, SuperDrive)
#6 – Apple iMac G5 Desktop with 17″ (1.60 GHz PowerPC G5, 256 MB RAM, 80 GB Hard Drive, Combo Drive)

And, also in the top 10, coming in at #8 is Apple’s good old eMac Combo (1.25 GHz, 256 MB RAM, 40 GB Hard Drive, Optical Combo, 17″ Flat CRT).

Amazon’s list can be found here.

MacDailyNews Take: That Sony VAIO with Windows currently at #3 is looking mighty lonely surrounded by all that Mac OS X glory.


  1. And looking further down … we can see that Apple has 9 out of the top 20 sellers on the desktop computer list with HP (5 items), Sony (3 items), Compaq (1), eMachines(1), and a 512MB Mini Cruzer USB 2.0 Pen / Flash Drive taking the other places …(???)

    Pretty cool … magic word efforts … as in Apple’s efforts paid dividends (no share joke pun intended … sob sob sob … wish I had some Apple shares … sob sob sob!)

  2. The other day.. I was in the Mac lab..and some guys sat down next to me.. one was obviously helping the other navigate OS X..

    The ‘newb’ was VERY skeptical.. besides practically jumping out of his chair when he saw the minimize window genie effect, he was pouting the whole time…

    He pulled up some website.. on .. *shudder.. Internet Explorer.. and I guess the website wasn’t working.. or something..

    “See.. this is why I don’t like Macs”


    Another guy was working on the Mac.. but when a friend came by he whined that.. when he wanted to edit a file he had to go all the way up to the top menu bar… (he didn’t know about CTRL-click for context menus)… “Man.. that’s why I don’t use Macs”

    Soooo…Apple’s problems are..

    a)non-standards-compliant websites and
    b)ignorant users

    got it..

  3. HillBilly sez:

    Anyone else notice how easy it is to convert people these days?

    And How!!

    I’ve switched about 5 people in the last 6 mos., and the last guy I switched claims he has switched about 10 people.

    Maybe PCers listen to other PCers more than to Mac users.
    Anyway, I have never had so many receptive PC users willing to listen, look at the facts, and switch.

    And for all of our touting the ease of use, cost of ownership, the beauty of the OS, etc. of the Mac, it HAS to be those pesky viruses that tipped the scales. I would hear stories from the fever swamps of the PC community where people would throw out entire computers after 6 months or a year, or after multiple reformats and installs. Their computers were literally being eaten ALIVE.


    And most PC users are still astonished that amongst Mac users that the greenest newbie to the heaviest power user are all but unconcerned with the problem of viruses. That my 12 year old son with a laptop and an iMac has never done ANYTHING to make his computers virus safe, but both his computers run like a top all day long.

    It’s like the last reel of THE WAR OF THE WORLDS, where all the alien invaders from Mars sickened and died from the bacteria on earth that they could not defend themselves from.

    And Microsoft is apparently so far away from any solution to this problem, that we still have YEARS before people will feel safe using a Microsoft OS.

    Who would have known it would be this?

    Add in the iPod to reel in ever more customers, and it’s a one-two punch that is showing results every day.

    The guys at Dell and Gateway HAVE to be freaking out, because they have to sell a product with a sick engine and no relief in sight. I can just imagine conversations between Michael Dell and Bill Gates.

    I hear that Dell pays M’soft $80 for each copy of Windows on each computer it sells. Wonder if Mike is asking for a discount? Does Dell have to support OS problems? Or does that go to M’Soft?

    Either way, the PC providers have to be unhappy about this. As long as the consumer kept biting the hook it was fine. But the bad press, word on the street, and Apples emergence have to be causing major headaches.

    And the SWITCH goes on…

    And so it begins.

    David Vesey

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