Anecdotal evidence points to Apple Mac popularity gains

“The ‘cool factor’ of Apple computers, with their sleek design and eye-catching ads, has barely chipped away at the market dominance of PCs nationwide. But if Student Computer Initiative (SCI) sales at Princeton are any indication, Apples may be on the rise,” Belda Chan writes for The Daily Princetonian (Princeton, NJ). “SCI, which sells more than 1,000 laptop computers to University students annually, has seen a jump in the purchase of Apple machines over the past year.”

“Apples have accounted for 23.6 percent of SCI computers sold in the current school year, up from 14.8 percent last year, according to Leila Shahbender, who manages Student Computing Services for the Office of Information Technology. When SCI sold them for the first time in 2001-02, only 10.7 percent of computers purchased were Apples. SCI currently offers four laptop models: two from Dell and two from Apple,” Chan writes. “Shahbender is unsure why Apples grew in popularity this year. She speculated that the susceptibility of PCs to security threats may be one reason for the change. ‘I suspect it could be because the Apples don’t get viruses and worms, so there aren’t as many security issues,’ Shahbender said.”

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  1. Seriously, there’s a lot of Windows fatigue out there now.

    As I posted to another story last night, my friend’s nephew – who has hitherto questioned whether the Macintosh is even relevant – has finally come over to the way of truth and light, a) simply because his Windows “experience” was becoming tiresome in the extreme b) the Mac mini made it economically viable and c) my friend kept bugging him.

    The IT administrator for his block or campus made a telling remark when Nephew went to regsister his system on the network, and they were discussing the relative merits of Mac vs. Windows: “If everyone around here chose a Mac, I’d be out of a job”.

  2. Let’s face it folks, Apple make the coolest computers hands down. For all the BMW’s in the world there are twice as many Skodas. That’s just how life is. There will always be people who’ll buy shit (not saying Skoda are shit now, but they were).

    I like the fact that my 50 Macs just work 24/7, and in the finance department they have 30 PC’s and 3 admin staff working full time to keep the stoopid Dull’s working. As I type this, their Mail Server (a butt ugly Dull that sits below my gorgeous Xserve) is down and for reasons unknown to anyone the MD’s Desktop Dull has lost all it’s user settings. He’s using his PowerBook instead, which I bought for him a year ago. It’s got Office 2004 and he’s considering ditching the Dull on his desk to go for PowerBook 24/7.

    If only we could get all those Dull’s replaced with a Mac mini…

  3. Yeah baby!! Princeon OIT!!! (former school, and well, I worked for them!) The people at OIT are overall top notch, and the guy who runs SCI is awesome.

    We had a phone help desk and a solution center where people coule bring computers in. After converting to mac (because of OS X training in OIT), I remember dropping by the solution center to say hi to my manager…I made some point about my friend (who I went with) just getting a mac to avoid problems, and my manager added that mac’s are great. I asked if that was the official OIT position, that macs are better. She followed up with, “well, no, but do you see any in here?”

    Hehe, hopefully the trend continues!!

  4. “Apple computers, with their sleek design and eye-catching ads

    where are these ads ? did i sleep through the second “1984”?

    i havnt seen an add for an apple computer since the G5 ad, and that was a long time ago. how does apple expect people to know about all the great things that are Apple if they dont tell the masses.

    granted Apple has probably hands down the best word of mouth advertising around, thats not enough to sell the systems that Apple is capable of selling.

  5. I heard my first Mac ad in 20 years on the radio last Saturday. The add was for iPod minis and Mac minis at an Apple reseller. Immediately thereafter, I heard a major Department store advertise a sale and the only thing they mentioned about the sale was that if you came early you could get $100 off an iPod mini! Interesting twist on advertising Mac products.

  6. it’s true Apple doesn’t put out enough advertising of it’s computers (or any at all), but the fact that people who see the ubiquitous iPod ads and walk away thinking about Apple computers is “priceless.”

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