What really counts with Apple’s new ‘Mac mini’ is the included software

“The Mac Mini, newly launched, is Apple’s attempt to capture some of the interest generated by the iPod and use that to drive computer sales. The com- pany also hopes to recapture some of the excitement that followed the launch of the original iMac. Subsequent iMacs have been excellent, but their relatively high price limits their appeal,” Stephen Pritchard writes for The Independent.

“The appeal of the Mini, though, lies in Apple’s design and engineering know-how as well as its software… The included software… is what really counts. The machine comes with Mac OS 10.3 and the iLife 05 suite of multimedia applications. For Mac users, buying a Mini might well be better value than upgrading their current machines; the software, on its own, would cost £160. And for the home user, the iLife software is quite special, with the Garageband music package standing out for its features and ease of use,” Pritchard writes.

“For work purposes, the Mini runs the Mac version of the Microsoft Office suite perfectly well, although the basic version will struggle with more demanding applications such as digital video. Businesses, though, might want to look at the Mac Mini because Apple’s operating system is based on Unix, with all the security advantages that entails. Macs are also easy to use and less vulnerable to viruses than Windows PCs,” Pritchard writes. “For some applications, such as accessing corporate information over the internet, the Mac Mini is cheap and effective.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Another excellent review that states what we’ve been saying since the Mac mini debuted, “It’s the software, stupid.” You cannot get what the Mac mini offers from any Wintel box assembler ay any price.

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  1. i bet sony gonna come out with a comp w/ ilife on it


    or maybe they re making a product that would go with the mini

    after all they were talking about high defintion and who better to implement then sony?

  2. Why would Apple need Sony’s help with HD? The Mac mini has a mini-DVI output that can send a full-rez digital signal to an HD TV.

    What could Sony do for Aple, make a Mac-mini-syncable Walkman? Maybe it would write a playlist onto a cassette tape so you could carry your Walkman around and listen on those big old 70’s headphones.

  3. The Mac Mini sucks.

    It doesn’t think for me, can’t tell me tomorrow’s horse racing results or lottery numbers. It can’t provide me with the secrets to women, or the other big mystery (the universe dummy)

    It’s useless I tell you, useless.

    (at least you can surf for porn and not get viruses, and can make movies and listen to music, and draw, and write and generally be creative. It’s great for that tho!)

  4. I bought a Mac mini and used the included iLife disc to update my G5 Powermac. I also installed the included Quicken 2005 and the games on my Desktop. I then deleted them from my new soon-to-be server.
    The software included with the mini that I moved to my desktop would have cost $150 after taxes, etc. The savings on the software paid for the memory upgrade. Who said Macs are expensive?

  5. While the US Apple Store still lists shipping time as 3-4 weeks, the UK Store says “Now Shipping.” Does that mean that the mini is finally shipping (at some unspecified length of time) or that it’s shipping _now_?

  6. IowaGuy, From what I hear, your best bet at getting a mini right away is to go to an Apple store but even then your chances are not good. I checked inside the UK site at the UK store just now and it says 3-4 weeks shipping when you go to the select page for the Apple mini.

    Hey! I am from Iowa originally. Living in Japan now. I went to the Ginza store and they only had one mini on display (right in the middle of the first floor) and it was stuck to the counter somehow so you could not pick it up, but man that thing was small!!! Really sexy.

  7. Two Mac mini anecdotes, and – off-topic – a shuffle anecdote.

    MM #1: My friend – a fellow member of Macintosh Hezbollah – has been on at his nephew (who attends an Oxbridge college) for some time to leave the creatively and technically bankrupt Windows platform for some while.

    Standard resistance: too expensive, not enough software, what is the point of a Macintosh (my response to this: to be MS’s R&D platform).

    Intro of Mac mini: too cheap to resist, combined with failing Windows platform, nephew takes plunge and purchases Mac mini through university scheme.

    Goes to the college IT administrator to get mini registered on network. Nephew (by now converted to the way of truth and light) is professing his love of OS X to administrator.

    Administrator generally agrees and then says (and I’m paraphrasing): “If more people chose the Mac as their computer, I’d probably be out of a job”.

    MM#2: #1 Nephew’s cousin (in other words, another of my friend’s many nephews, and hereafter referred to as GadgetBoy) discovers that his cousin has a new piece of kit.

    Combined with the fact that elder brother has a G4 LCD iMac, GadgetBoy realises that e is falling behind on “cool computing”, and purchases a Mac mini.

    iPS#1: GadgetBoy has also realised that – at his current age and stage of musical development – he isn’t going to fill up his iPod 40GB for some while. Has sold said unit to a friend and downsized his life to an iPod shuffle.

    And that’s just two members of one family.

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