Want a computer and games?  Get a Mac plus a Playstation and get the best of both worlds

“I’m not your typical Apple Fanboy; despite the fact that I have recommended a Mac to almost 70% of the people who ask me what PC to buy (a true Fanboy would recommend a Mac to 100% of the people he meets, defying logic when asked why). To understand my logic behind recommending the Mac to 70% of the people and not the rest, you’ve got to understand Apple’s logic behind the Mac, as it stands right now,” Varun Singh writes for Techtree.

“Now, first, the Mac isn’t so much the hardware that is cobbled together to make the machine as it is the OS that runs on top of that machine; it is the OS and the apps on it that is center to the Mac strategy, has always been! The reason why I concur with Apple when they say OS X is the most advanced operating system on the planet, is because it is the only desktop OS that has been written ‘grounds-up’ to integrate the most cutting edge technologies in the last decade and isn’t a rehash of existing systems. (Windows XP is still very much Windows NT at the core and so is Linux, which still retains the basic structure of the first kernel and the communications between programs [APIs]),” Singh writes.

“If you look at Mac OS X and the intricate web of applications that makes it the most user friendly desktop computer ever, you’d notice a clear pattern of ‘focus’ on specific computing areas; those being creativity, multimedia and day-to-day home computing tasks,” Singh writes. “It isn’t meant to be a do-it-all machine, at least not yet. The area Apple is weakest at when compared to the PC platform is gaming.”

“Creativity on the fringes is something [Apple has] already handled pretty well with great products like iMovie, iDVD, iPhoto, Garage Band on the lower-end and Final Cut Pro, Adobe Photoshop for Mac OS X etc. on the higher end,” Singh writes. “And then, they’re going after what most of us call Office Productivity (Apple calls it iWork). If you’ve seen what Pages, their new ‘Word Processor’ can do, you’d never want to use Word again. Keynote 2, the presentation tool, is ages ahead of anything PowerPoint can imagine. Apple’s going to do a lot in the next three years to make your life easier… Sony and Microsoft can go kill each other on Electronic Gaming!”

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MacDailyNews Take: 30% of the people Singh recommends a computer to are mainly interested in games? Why not tell them to get a Mac and a Playstation and give them the best of both worlds? Even Windows-maker Microsoft seems to realize that the PC isn’t the best place for games or why would they be bothering with their Xbox console effort?

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