Buy one, get one free: Ford offers Dell PC with purchase of Ford Focus

“Ford Motor Co. and General Motors Corp. raised incentives slightly on Wednesday after posting disappointing U.S. sales last month, and analysts expect the profit-eroding price war to escalate this year if the two U.S. automakers continue to lose market share,” Poornima Gupta reports for Reuters.

“Ford, which saw sales drop 5.4 percent last month, said it will offer a desktop computer from Dell Inc. with the purchase of its 2005 model-year Focus sedan,” Gupta reports.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Buy one piece of crap, get one free. Ford needs some basic marketing advice: if you want people to believe that “quality is job one” or whatever slogan you’re using to make people think your products are reliable, nicely-designed and well-made, perhaps if you gave away award-winning iMacs or Mac minis from a company renowned for reliability, quality and design, it might rub off on you? For people that know better, Dell does nothing for Ford except reinforce Ford’s mediocre image. Of course, Ford probably gave up on selling Fords to Mac users a long, long time ago. Giving away Apple Macs with Fords instead of Dell PCs would, of course, have required thinking outside the box which has been Ford’s problem for decades now.


  1. The problem with the MDN take ans all of the comments so far is that they fail to acknowledge that Ford actually does make some decent cars these days. They’re not elite/luxury cars, but they’re good competent cars alright.

  2. The new Acuras have BT standard. The BT phones work great with them. You do not even need to take the phone out of your pocket to connect to the car controls.

    If Apple can get BT working with the iPod without significant Battery Consumption, it would make communiting more enjoyable when you are in a rush.

  3. Imports and Macs are a lot alike…smartly designed, efficient, and good looking. Why do people keep buying crap like Fords, Chevys, and Dells? Especially when time and time again it’s been proven that despite all the incentives and rebates, quality products will end up costing the consumer less? I despise the average American imbecile. I don’t know why the US is still a superpower when so many of its citizens settle so easily for mediocrity.

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