Apple a lot less excited about the ‘Mac mini’ than the rest of the world?

“One of the things I’ve been hearing is that Apple is a lot less excited about the Mac mini than the rest of the world seems to be. I saw an example of that Wednesday at the Apple Store in Emeryville, CA, where to mini was hidden away in a corner. I didn’t even see it until I started looking,” David Coursey writes in his eWeek Weblog. “Why? Because Apple’s been burned by a very similar machine in the past and doesn’t want to get burned again. There’s also the question–at least in the stores–of the mini stealing sales from more profitable products.”

“Apple had great hopes for the Power Macintosh G4 Cube, none of which were ever realized. The feeling at the time was Apple should have released a less expensive machine in a small form factor,” Coursey writes. “That brings us to the Mac mini, a machine that’s much smaller than the Cube, does a lot more and costs a lot less. Apple customers have seemed a lot more interested in the mini than some people at Apple, who seem genuinely surprised at the mini’s warm reception. Will customer interest turn into sales? It’s too early to tell. But this is the first computer I’ve gotten excited about in quite some time.”

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MacDailyNews Take: If “Apple is a lot less excited about the Mac mini than the rest of the world” as Coursey claims, could the company have underestimated interest causing the reported supply issues the Mac mini is currently experiencing? Perhaps the Mac mini is exceeding Apple’s expectations, but Steve Jobs’ comment during the Mac mini introduction about it being “priced so that people wanting to switch will have no more excuses,” lead us to believe Apple has high hopes for and is very exited about the Mac mini.

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  1. Well yeah. When I drive a car dealership, they generally have the “top models” near the road. Of course they’d rather sell the more profitable unit. sheesh.

    (and what the hell is going on with the magic word popup? I think it’s time to find a new Mac site….sigh…how annoying)

  2. Jobs hardly talked about the mac mini in his keynote. He couldn’t wait to get that thing off the stage. Its clear that apple had no clue what was going to happen when they released it.

  3. I had to ask a sales rep to show me one. But first I made them pull out the very last 1.42GHz model and put it on the counter with my name on it. I had to drive through the worst snow storm this winter 38 miles with two kids and a box of granola bars to make it and I got the very LAST ONE on opening day.

    That was despite the fact they were so hard to find. I grabbed it and ran to the play area with my kids.

  4. Yes, many at Apple may be less than enthusiastic that the mini will canabalize sales of higher priced machines, but this their last big shot to bring Macs to mainstream users and wipe away the preconceived notions which have kept many from buying higher-end Macs.

    I think this time it will work. OS X can deliver on its promise.


  5. I don’t think you draw much of a conclusion from a sample of one.

    The things I would wonder about are:

    * Is Apple making a profit on each mini, considering the obvious amount of engineering that had to go into its design?

    * are they being taken completely off guard by the overwhelming response (and orders?)

    and by the way, I did read DC’s article, and all he says is “One of the things I’ve been hearing”, but that doesn’t make for much of a data point.

  6. Got mine today. Unfortunately a combodrive was installed instead of the spec’d Superdrive so back it goes. I did fire it up and fool around a bit. It is amazingly small and quiet. There is a slight hiccup at the very beginning of an itunes cd burn, other than that there is no problem with multiple workspace openings while using Quicktime etc. Far faster than the imac 1.25 ghz I am used to.

    A slight change in public perception is all it would take to sell scads of these.

  7. My opinion is that they aren’t able to keep up with demand as it is, so no need to put it in the spotlight.

    It would be worse to sell/market it and then fall further behind in the waiting time for delivery.

    MDN Magic word ‘Tell’ as in Time will tell.

  8. Why do people compare the mini to the Cube? The Cube was waayy over priced for it’s market, people weren’t as aware of Apple at the time and the Cube came with OS 9 installed.

    I feel the mini has to very strong features going for it, price and OS X. Many Windows users I know have a huge interest in OS X combine that with the low price and Apple has a hit with the mini.

  9. Unfortunately I experienced the same thing in Seattle, the Mini was in a back room and it was turned off. The salesman fumbled with it and then left me to sell myself on it. Had I been an non mac user I would not have been interested in it based on his presentation or lack there off. It makes sense that they would rather sell the more expensive laptops. Conundrum indeed.

  10. We ordered our mini a couple weeks ago along with an iPod and some software. The iPod and software arrived a week ago, at least, the mini is showing an estimated ship date of February 23rd. I think they way underestimated it. We hit two of the Chicago area stores on the Sunday and Monday after it showed up there. One store was sold out and one had a some/one of the 1.25 ghz models left, none of the 1.42 version.

    As far as cannabalizing sales, we would have purchased a more expensive REFURBISHED machine if this hadn’t come along. We were not at all in the market for a new machine until the mini showed up.

    Joe, glad to see you bought one. I’ve been wondering (and probably missed you commenting on the purchase).

  11. BTW, the mini’s were displayed at both stores we visited, with it sitting right next to the window on Michigan Avenue.

    MDN magic word: square, as in: I can’t wait for my little square computer to show up!

  12. To david: WTF? You couldn’t have been at the keynote. Jobs spent plenty of time on the Mini, to all sorts of ooos and aaaaahs, carrying it around, clearly ther proud papa, with more than adequate attention on screen and on stage. And if you were at the keynote, you must have been on crack, Or perhaps you were being sarcastic.

  13. The Mini is gonna be HUUUUUGE. I hope they are cranking them out as fast as they can. Apple may have problems with supplying enough of their products at times but that is a very high quality problem to have.


    Magic word “bed’ as in maybe they already went to bed.

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