Apple releases iPhoto 5.01 update

Apple today released iPhoto 5.01 which “addresses issues with upgrading iPhoto 4 libraries, dragging albums into folders, importing MPEG-4 movies, and also includes a number of other minor fixes.”

It is available via Mac OS X Software Update.


  1. What? One month and they’re already fixing things? How can this be? It takes Microsoft 12-18 months to come up with a fix of this magnitude! It has to pass through 10,000 programmers (20,000 eyes) and 15 committees just to approve a fix, let along code it! This has to be fraud on Apple’s part. They didn’t fix anything, they’re just pretending to so they can act like they’re better than us at Microsoft. Which we know can’t possibly be true. 92 percent of Computer users can’t be wrong, can they?

    Dance time…!

  2. Anyone else having problems posting photos to their homepage? I tried it several times last night and it always said “Updating Themes” and then timed out after about 5 minute saying it couldn’t connect. I tried downloading 5.01 last night but it wouldn’t work via software update.

    On a side note, I imported new pix into iPhoto 5 for the first time last night and I have to say, I’m loving the new red eye set up. Way better than before!

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