Computerworld: Apple Computer ‘has a hit on its hands with the new Mac Mini’

“Here’s how I know Apple Computer Inc. has a hit on its hands with the new Mac Mini. No sooner had I opened the box than our Technology editor joked: ‘Who wants that cheap Mac thing?’ Now, when’s the last time someone used the words ‘cheap’ and ‘Mac’ in the same sentence? Another co-worker almost grabbed it from my hands; still another popped up, gopher-style, over an office partition to ask how much it weighed; yet another asked whether it could be used for digital video editing (yes, it can),” Ken Mingis writes for Computerworld.

“All this commotion, and the Mini — sent out by Apple for review purposes — still had the plastic wrapping on it,” Mingis writes. “It’s meant to be Grandma’s or Junior’s first computer, or maybe a second or third computer for the house. Or maybe, for those enterprising IT folks out there, it’s meant to give them a chance to try out a Mac at work to see whether it has a place there, too. My hunch is that it does.”

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  1. Right … grandmas computer … just another “toy” from Apple .. why play with your computer when you can spend so much time configuring, updating, reformatting etc … that’s what a “real” computer does …

  2. Can you “chain” “cliuster” these things together to make a “Super Mini” computer. Don’t know the correct term. I know places have done it with the G5s.

  3. Yes Randy, there is a company in Texas who are using them in server clusters. Of course with 10/100 ethernet and laptop drives, Im not sure how fast it really is. Of course I have seen people have already upgraded to fatser HDD and get a noticable difference

  4. Randy:

    Check out Xgrid [], Apple’s free program that, along with a couple of ethernet cables, allows you to cluster Macs together. It’s a mini Big Mac!!

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