Apple CEO Steve Jobs marks 19th straight month at top of Forbes CEO Approval Tracker

“Even Steve Jobs’ harshest critics must concede at least one point: The man’s got staying power. It’s a new year, and our list of the most popular chief executives has gotten a face-lift, with four fresh names appearing in the top five. But our No. 1 spot is, as always, owned by the man in the black mock-turtleneck shirt,” David M. Ewalt writes for Forbes.

“Jobs’ 19th straight month in first place–with an approval rating of 94%–was a busy one. The Apple Computer CEO presided over the launch of two acclaimed new products, the iPod Shuffle and Mac Mini, and shares of the company’s stock continue to trade near a 52-week high,” Ewalt writes.

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  1. Nah, when she was alive, Grandma was toothless and we use to rock-n-roll. Speaking of staying power, I’ve never seen much discussed about Steve’s sex life in this column. Is he vegatarian AND celibate?

  2. Uncle- doesn’t matter much, I was probably out back with my “favorite” goat. Grandma always understood.

    Al: I mean with all the adoration and worship that occurs here, maybe just a little break from Job’s holy and ascetic lifestyle. I’m sure someone out there may have personal insight into his “staying power” or maybe just know if he wears boxers, tidy-whitey’s, or a thong. Any guesses?

  3. Not so fast Baby Goat, the whole extended family was involved with “farm chores”- see the comment from Uncle. If I had to buy a mac mini for each paternity suit… hmm, maybe that is part of Job’s big success- home/farm computer sales.

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