Experts say Bill Gates’ doodles show he’s ‘stressed and tense, not a natural leader’ (with image)

“When a sheet of paper covered in doodles was found on Tony Blair’s desk at the Davos World Economic Forum, handwriting experts delighted in analysing it, concluding the Prime Minister was stressed and under pressure. Experts who examined the tangle of boxes, circles, loops and notes on debt and trade variously described Blair as ‘struggling to concentrate’ or ‘not a natural leader’ and ‘stressed and tense,'” Reuters reports.

“But there was a problem. The doodles, it later transpired, were nothing to do with Blair but were the work of Microsoft founder Bill Gates, who shared a table with Blair at the summit,” Reuters reports. Full article here.

Terry Kirby reports on other interpretations of Gate’s doodles for The Independent, “He is full of nervous energy but likes to keep things firmly in their own compartments and, while aiming high, is struggling to maintain control in a confusing world full of major problems… [the doodle] suggests things are in danger of getting out of control.”

MacDailyNews Exclusive: MacDailyNews has obtained an exclusive scan of Gates’ doodles. How they ever could have been mistaken for Blair’s is beyond us. See for yourself here.


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    LOFL! I love the doodle. What an amazing exclusive for MDN!

    The magic word for this post is “deep”, as in Microsoft is in deep, deep denial…

  2. BBC has some better quotes from the press. My favorites:

    “[…] struggling to keep control of a confusing world […]”

    “[…] an unstable man who is feeling under enormous pressure […]”

  3. Gates was NEVER a leader. Nobody EVER saw that geek as any sort of leader. He was simply the B+ student that was able to copy others’ work and run to the patent office faster. That’s it! Once he had enough money, he bought others’ work (via buying up their company) so he didn’t have to run so fast.

    Leader? Never was. Never will be. Longhorn is proof!

  4. The original article in The Times said that the handwriting demonstrated “megalomania” ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

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