BusinessWeek: Rather than dismissing Apple products as fads, Dell should try starting a few

“The tech business has a lot of trash talkers, but Dell CEO Kevin Rollins isn’t one of them. Reserved and circumspect, he chooses his words carefully. So it was quite a surprise to hear him launch a verbal attack against rival Apple Computer in a recent interview. Rollins dismissed Apple’s mega-selling iPod as a ‘fad,’ calling it a ‘one-product wonder,’ and he pooh-poohed the eye-catching Mac mini as inconsequential,” Nicholas G. Carr writes for BusinessWeek.

“Rollins’ comments are more than uncharacteristic. They’re troubling — and not just for their snippiness,” Carr writes. “They raise real questions about how well Dell understands the home market… If Dell wants to continue to rule in the home as well as the workplace, it may need to class up its act. Rather than dismissing fads, Rollins should try starting a few.”

Full article here.

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  1. Dell class up its act? I doan theenk so. And while we’re on about class, the screenshots of Longhorn are so uncompelling that I wouldn’t be surprised if it hasn’t had three complete makeovers by now. And it still sux. [Magic word “six.”]

  2. And what does anyones political views have to do with Mac websites?

    Us back-woods redneck right-wingers have to push our propagander ever-where we can. It’s like my Gramma Millie said, ‘Ya gotta throw a whole lotta shit on the wall to get some to stick.’

  3. Dell is an example of the worst of America- a bottom feeding company without a soul, mission or vision. They would bid for the low price to sell to OBL if he let a contract for Al-Queda. Yea, I said it.

  4. Chrisnorth – “So come on Dell, do something different. Blow off Microsoft and bring back the Amiga or whatever. Start it out as a specialty line until you really have something good. Look at Apple, it didn’t take long to make OSX a winner.”

    Now THAT would be kinda cool. Bring back the Amiga… They would have a guaranteed niche market that unfortunately would mostly be from Amiga turned Mac users. But I don’t think it will every happen unless Apple starts to seriously damage them. And I don’t think that will happen either. I DO think Apple will seriously increase their market share and become much more relevant but probably will be topping out at somewhere around 10% market share; 10-20 percent market share would be fantastic!!

    As long as there are enough Users to make sure we get Mac versions ported for every really good piece of software or game I will be happy. Also it would be cool if companies were more accepting of Macs as alternatives in the work place.

  5. Kevin Rollins doesn’t deserve to comment on anything Apple does. The only innovative thing Dell has ever done was figuring out how to convince people to buy the pile of garbage they call a computer.

    It’s like asking Thomas Kincade what he thinks about DaVinci. Who cares what he thinks? In the big picture, he is completely irrelevant.

    When Dell creates it’s own operating system that is superior to all of it’s competition, has a 20+ year history of innovating products that people take for granted everyday, or does ANYTHING to lead
    the industry in anything other than sales, maybe then I’ll give a shit what he thinks.

  6. I have been reading postings for quite some time now, the one thing I know is that you/we WANT those guys (MS, DELL, etc.) overconfident and dismissive, if not, if they actually made good/innovative products, it makes it a lot harder for Apple to wow people and stand out as the best.

    Think about it…

    Instead of showing those guys the way, showing individual people how much better computing can be, and let them understand all the great things you can do out of the box without spending additional money on software, without being burdened with “driver compatability issues” etc.

  7. Michael Dell has hated Steve Jobs and Apple for a long time. I once read that Michael stood up in a public meeting and told the group that Steve should do his shareholders a favor and give them their money back. (I bet the shareholders are now glad he didn’t!) Kevin must be looking for a raise.

  8. The comment about china coming to eat dell’s lunch is spot on. Its funny the CEO mentioned commodore; because thats where i think dell is headed.

    Any company that can produce logic 7.0 is tops in creativy and development, period. It is the best product i have ever bought, for any use, at any time. It is better than the best car i have owned, the best movie i have seen, etc etc. Its that good. And it does make up for the DOA 2.5 apple sent me before the one i am typing this letter on.

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