Associated Press: Apple’s iPod shuffle is ‘the best portable music player for the money’

“Since Apple Computer Inc. introduced the iPod in 2001, competitors have been scrambling to match the simplicity and style of the popular digital music player. But try as they might, the original just keeps getting better. The latest flavor, the diminutive iPod shuffle, proves that fewer bells and whistles can be just as good as more,” Ron Harris writes for The Associated Press. “And despite the absence of a display to tell you what’s playing, the shuffle’s ease of use is unrivaled. It’s also a solid performer with sounds that holds up against most other flash memory-based MP3 players you’ll find on store shelves.”

“There’s no docking cradle, no bulky battery pack, no AC adapter — there’s really not much here except the best portable music player for the money. Paired with Apple’s popular online music store — 250 million songs downloaded and counting as of Monday this iPod shuffle could be just the low-priced entry-level player those on the sidelines have been waiting for,” harris writes.

MacDailyNews Note: There is an iPod shuffle Dock available from Apple for US$29. More info here. Apple also offers a not-so-bulky iPod shuffle External Battery Pack which extends the battery life of your iPod shuffle for US$29. Two AAA batteries keep music playing up to 20 hours after the internal battery is drained. More info here. Apple also offers an iPod USB Power Adapter for US$29 for the iPod shuffle, so you can recharge from any power outlet. More info here.

Harris concludes, “Since there’s no LCD screen on the shuffle, there’s really no way to navigate to a particular track without memorizing the order and clicking through them. That might be a bummer for some who want quick access to a particular song. Otherwise, there’s little fault to find here. For those looking for simplicity and ultraportability, less can be more.”

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  1. Should Apple have named it the “Random” to make these people understand that it’s simplicity is based on the fact that there is no tiny screen to bother you with it’s feeble attempt at providing the information you might want too see?

  2. The shuffle is my fourth iPod. Since arriving over a week ago, though, the rest of my iPods (2nd gen 10GB, 3rd gen 15GB, iPod mini) have all been left behind. The shuffle is unbelievably light and small. Too convenient, really.

    My first two iPods came with the wired remote controls that I used constantly while in transit. The iPod shuffle is the same principle – control without visual feedback. This is a fantastic device! …and pure in it’s simplicity.

    Magic word… remember.

  3. Apple named it the “Shuffle” to make these people understand that it’s simplicity is based on the fact that there is no tiny screen to bother you with its feeble attempt at providing the information you might want to see.

  4. I want to say.. I’ve been a Mac user for a while, but I just last week joined the.. ahem.. iPod Army (Gene Simmons ….) with my Silver iPod mini…

    I am totally gaga over the mini…

    I initially was sold on the shuffle, but as supply was scarce… I started thinking about how much I was going to use it.. 3 hrs of commute per day.. on the bus, etc.. I would want many different playlists and started looking at the mini..

    Apple’s pricing is brilliant on the iPod line… The iPod shuffle for me was the ‘I’m getting an iPod now’ product… even though I ended up getting the more expensive (and vastly more functional) iPod mini.

  5. My daughter loves the iPod Shuffle. She doesn’t know it yet, but she’ll be getting one for her birthday. What sucks is the fact that her birthday isn’t until the middle of July. I have my own iPod 3rd Gen 30Gb iPod, which I use constantly. The iPod Shuffle isn’t for me, but it’d be perfect for her. She doesn’t have much music, and what she has, she only listens to a few favorites. She’s used iTunes to make herself some custom CDs of her favorite music. She’ll be stoked when she gets her iPod Shuffle.

  6. Hey, MDN, isn’t there enough advertising on your site without it being included in the editorial content of the articles? You like to complain about Wintel writers being in MS’s pockets. Well, I don’t remember Thurrott or Enderle having link to MS or Dell for no apparent reason other than to make some cash off of them.

  7. I own one of the little buggers. It’s my first iPod. Truly ingenious. When more come in they’re gonna sell like hotcakes. I envision folks buying 10 at a time for Xmas gift season.

  8. The Sony Walkman showed you nothing, held only an album’s worth of songs on an antiquated cassette tape, sold over 30 million of ’em…AND NO ONE B!TCH3D about not being able to “see song information”. I expect the iPod shuffle to sell twice as many.

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