USA Today: the software loaded on Apple’s Mac Mini gets you more bang for your buck

“Apple’s new Mac Mini is the least expensive Macintosh to date. As befits Apple’s heritage, this Mac defies conventions. It weighs just 2.9 pounds, but it’s a desktop computer, not a notebook. It’s portable — but in the sense of moving from room to room, not home to office or city to city. Apple sells the 6.5-inch-square machine in a lunchbox-size package with a handle,” Edward C. Baig writes for USA Today. “Mac Minis start at $499, though the total climbs quickly if you boost the memory and supply often-needed accessories — such basics as monitor, keyboard and mouse. Even so, with the Mac Mini, Apple has fashioned a winner.”

“Mac Mini is something of a pioneer in the Apple universe, just as the freshly minted $99 Apple iPod Shuffle digital music player I reviewed last week breaks new ground. This computer may give Steve Jobs his best opportunity yet to wrestle some market share from the masses schooled on Windows-based personal computers,” Baig writes. “Many buyers have been reluctant to embrace Macs. In part, that’s because the computers typically command a premium over Windows PCs. And once all is said and done, the Mac Mini will cost more than comparable entry-level Windows machines. You could make the case, though, that with the software loaded on the Mini, you’re getting more bang for your buck.”

MacDailyNews Note: Kudos to Mr. Baig for that last sentence. It’s very nice to read someone who actually gets it and also writes it down for millions to read.

Baig continues, “Other factors could make Windows customers ponder a switch. Thanks to the iPod, legions of PC users have been wowed by Apple’s technical prowess. And the maddening virus/spyware epidemic may have led some Windows customers to beg for alternatives. (Macs have so far been immune to the scourge.) Some longtime PC users might now willingly invest in a Mac. Two things that truly set Mac Mini and all recent vintage Macs apart: the slick Panther operating system and the inclusion of the best-of-breed iLife multimedia software suite. iLife ’05 has the latest versions of iTunes software, iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD and GarageBand (a recording studio application). Apple has also thrown in Quicken 2005 personal finance software… It’s the slickest little budget computer I’ve seen.”

Full article here.

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  1. Let’s hope Apple is smart enough to capitalize on all the feelgood love the Mac Mini has been receiving by releasing a consumer-oriented accessories that utilize the DVI and FireWire ports to maximum effect.

    Having a few smart accessories will make apparent that the sub-$500 PCs can’t hold a technical candle to the Mini. In almost all the Mini-vs-PC comparisons to date, the DVI and FireWire ports have been severely underappreciated or entirely overlooked.

  2. Who gives a f*ck about playing games on a Mac mini? I have a PlayStation 2 for that anyway.

    And no $499 PC is a “real gaming PC” either. You need to spend a hell of a lot more than that to get a decent PC gaming rig, so get off the gaming thing moron…

  3. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” /> LOL, looks like no one noticed that good ol’Sputnik backpedaled in his rants from the “in the real world” to the “in the real *gaming* world”. Looks he little by little realizes that PC are pricey consoles after all, and not even very good at that when compared to nowadays consoles.

    I wonder if next step will be in the “real kindergarten game world” to in order to still have an excuse to type rants and apologies for the beleaguered PC world and mediocre Windows system.

    as JB says…

  4. So Sputnik can’t wait till Longhorn to play his games? ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”LOL” style=”border:0;” /> That’ll be like smashing your head onto a toillet to get it to flush!!! Now I can’t wait for Longhorn… woohooo..!

  5. All this time sputnik has been laying the load of “IT professional”. In time the truth slips out as being nothing more than a game player.

    I just noticed the ad directly below the feedback section – “Sylvan Learning Center. Learning feels good”. Not a bad suggestion for sputnik.

  6. just watched the clip.. wow..

    what’s really interesting.. as Apple’s mindshare expands.. you can see, even the anchors messing around with the Mac mini, is the way they’re having FUN with the Mac.

    You will never see people on TV ‘exploring’ Windows on a PC the way messing around in OS X, and exploring software is on a Mac.

    Funny.. after all these years of hearing about the Mhz Myth, etc. now the AMD, and Intel naming schemes are so confusing, no one is really saying stuff like, “Pfft 1.25Ghz” except of course, ill-informed trolls on message boards.

    Do you think, when they were playing with iLife on that clip, the idea of Mhz/Ghz even popped into their heads? Were they thinking.. I can get a similar Dell for cheaper? Doesn’t really look like, does it?

    The girl even asks, “Soooo.. MS is getting worried about this?”.. a bit of a hyperbole, to be sure, but the point is, in her mind, she’s thinking.. “500 bucks and and can have one of these babies? See ya eMachines..”

  7. Raw power for the average user has become virtually irrelevant. The computing world is now walking up to the pure elegance and genius of the Mac. Tiger will be the final clincher. We won’t hear from Sputnik once this beast comes to town.

    I can’t believe my magic word is TOWN. MDN you’re starting to freak me out! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”big surprise” style=”border:0;” />

  8. “Even Gates seems to understand that the future of games in consoles, not PCs (or a console masquerading as a PC).

    And what processor did Mr. Gates choose for the X-Box 2? The G5 (or at least a G5 derivative). What irony that M$ is sending G5 towers to x-Box 2 developers.

    The magic word is degree, as in “It doesn’t require a degree to see that Macs are superior.”

  9. PCs are toys to play games on while Macs are for getting the real work done. Couldn’t have said it better myself! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

  10. mrboma commented on Microshaft shipping G5 towers for xbox development.

    While I don’t get into conspiracy theories, its worth considering that those G5 boxes are NOT running any version of OS X. They are running an updated (modified) version of NT. Remember back in 1997-1999 when NT shipped a PPC version?

    If its not OS X, and it comes from Microshaft, even the G5 can look, feel, and perform badly.

    IF you are a conspiracy kinda guy/gal/thing, you can certainly read between these lines. Bill’s own little toejam horse to sour developers on Apple and the Mac platform by forcing them to run a Windows OS. And, when the other shoe drops, the pundits and so called tech reports will bleat at the top of their lungs “MS abandons IBM chips in XBox due to developer outrage over bad experience programing with Macs.” No mention of the fact that those Macs were running a poopy redmund excuse for an OS.

    OK, some pessemistic sarcasm over the toejam horse and resulting headlines, but a fact that the G5s are running NT. I wonder if there is an OS X install in there anywhere?

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