RUMOR: Apple Mac mini standard config with 512MB RAM standard coming soon?

“If you’re contemplating a Mac mini purchase, stay tuned for at least one out-of-the-box config with 512 megabyes of RAM instead of the now-standard, woefully inadequate 256 megs. That may be coming to Apple retail stores as soon as next week, I’ve been told,” Your Tech Weblog reports.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Do it, Apple. It’s one less extra thing that new users will have to do – 512MB should be the base standard for all Macs today.


  1. 512 is an OK base standard, but they really need to correct (again!) the pricing of the 1GB upgrade. It should *always* be cheaper to buy it with 1GB than it is to go buy your own and then PAY someone to install it, as most people will need to do.

  2. This is indeed a good decision.

    For those who have a mini or are getting a mini soon with only 256 MB of memory, how hard is it to take the old memory out and add memory? I couldn’t find the answer on the Apple Suport page.


  3. No credibility. That “article” (blog) ALSO says that the advantage of getting 512 standard in a Mini is that then you will get 512 in just ONE slot, leaving the other slot free to expand to a full GB later without throwing old RAM away.

    Um…. the Mini doesn’t have 2 RAM slots. 512 always WAS in one slot, if you chose that option… and no other slot remains. Increasing memory later DOES mean discarding what you had to begin with.

    If he’s that out of the loop, I’m skeptical about his predictions.

    Too bad, 512 SHOULD be standard, to make OS X run best.

    Then again, lots of cheap PCs start at 256, and lots of people survive on Macs with 256 too.

  4. Sly –

    It’s prohibitively difficult. The case needs a special tool to open, which you cannot buy. So people have been using spatulas. Then you gotta unscrew & remove the bluetooth antenna to get at the RAM.

    It can be done, but it takes balls to jimmy open your new purchase, even if it was only $500.

  5. It is definitely a pain. From what I’ve read, Apple says opening the case does not void the warranty, unless you break something in the process. Which you are bound to do.

    On the other hand, I stripped the hell out of those retarded metric allen screws on my PBG4, then took it in for in-warranty service, and they didn’t say boo about it. When I got it back, they had put new screws in. But that was Tekserv, not Apple. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />


  6. Chomper,

    Working inside a tower (or even mini) case that’s designed to be opened using conventional tools is one thing. If you had to hack together a specially-shaped screwdriver to open a tower case, lots fewer people would do it.

    Who knows, though.. a smart third-party should build & market a mini-opener tool. As long as the cost of it plus the RAM is less than paying Apple for it, it would sell like hotcakes.

    Shit, maybe I’ll do that. I gotta go.

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