“What was the best thing at CES? Macworld! After a week in Las Vegas, at the Consumer Electronics Show, I had seen all there was to see: flat-screens both super-small and mega-large; ultra-sharp video (Blu-Ray disc technology, yum!) on Sony’s fabulous Qualia projector (tears of joy). Plus the unveiling of scores of entertainment confabulations that unleash a broad spectrum of content once trapped in a now-obsolete device known as the ‘desktop computer,'” Daniel Dubno and Bob Bicknell write for CBS News. “Yet something was missing at CES, and a week later, at Macworld in San Francisco, we found it: the new Mac Mini and the iPod Shuffle. Apple’s aggressive design celebrated the small and the smaller; and embraced a theme not usually associated with the artisans of Cupertino: CHEAP! Or at least, less expensive.”

“Oh, and just one more thing: a suite of simple and improved software that Steve Jobs expects will tantalize new users and bring old Mac users back to the orchard: iLife and iWork,” Dubno and Bicknell write. “The only foreseeable problem with the iPod Shuffle is that it is so small and light that the fumble-fingered may misplace this bad-boy in almost no time. Worse, some dear friend you once trusted will swipe it off your desk. It is just so darn lover-ly… Want a Mac Mini? Go for the DVD burner (another $100 and the extra 256MB of RAM and kiss the old Wintel machine goodbye.”

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