CBS News: Grab a new Apple Mac mini ‘and kiss the old Wintel machine goodbye’

“What was the best thing at CES? Macworld! After a week in Las Vegas, at the Consumer Electronics Show, I had seen all there was to see: flat-screens both super-small and mega-large; ultra-sharp video (Blu-Ray disc technology, yum!) on Sony’s fabulous Qualia projector (tears of joy). Plus the unveiling of scores of entertainment confabulations that unleash a broad spectrum of content once trapped in a now-obsolete device known as the ‘desktop computer,'” Daniel Dubno and Bob Bicknell write for CBS News. “Yet something was missing at CES, and a week later, at Macworld in San Francisco, we found it: the new Mac Mini and the iPod Shuffle. Apple’s aggressive design celebrated the small and the smaller; and embraced a theme not usually associated with the artisans of Cupertino: CHEAP! Or at least, less expensive.”

“Oh, and just one more thing: a suite of simple and improved software that Steve Jobs expects will tantalize new users and bring old Mac users back to the orchard: iLife and iWork,” Dubno and Bicknell write. “The only foreseeable problem with the iPod Shuffle is that it is so small and light that the fumble-fingered may misplace this bad-boy in almost no time. Worse, some dear friend you once trusted will swipe it off your desk. It is just so darn lover-ly… Want a Mac Mini? Go for the DVD burner (another $100 and the extra 256MB of RAM and kiss the old Wintel machine goodbye.”

Full article here.

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  1. The Mac mini could be the unexpected David that brings down the MS Goliath.

    Just a few years ago, nobody would have thought that an over-priced portable music player from an obscure computer company had any chance at success. Many people will see the Mac mini as the cool computer that the iPod people make, almost as an accessory to their iPod. They have found out that life can be just fine without the MS Media Player, and they may want to explore the options of what life would be like without MS altogether. Is it possible that a whole computer can be as cool and easy to use as iTunes?

    It will probably slowly infiltrate the homes as the computer replacement for the kids’ room, and when their parents see their kids with no virus problems, doing everything (and more) and faster/easier than the parents on their bulky, loud Dell, then we’ll see Macs begin to flood the market. It is a very slow process, but there are no signs of this stopping. In fact, MS’s own problems will greatly accelerate this.

    With the Mac mini, the new iLife, and the very easy to use iWork, I think Apple may be ready for another 1984-like commercial during the Super Bowl. For $499, someone can very quickly and easily remove all of their computer-related headaches.

    Perhaps something along the lines of an earlier iMac commercial showing a shoot-out between a kid (and his dog) setting up a Mac and a pro setting up an HP. This new commercial can show a 12 year old “fixing” all of the PC’s problems like adware, spyware, viruses, crashing, blue-screeens-of-death, device drivers, etc., etc. by spending 30 seconds to plugin a Mac mini.

  2. Bennn,

    What is it about ‘virus attempts’ that you don’t understand?

    While I’m at it, when is the last time you saw a Mac demonstrated on CBS News? Do you see what I meant when I said mainstream?

    Sarcasm is lost on today’s youth.

  3. Wow, that article read like an advertisement from the Apple marketing department (except for the icks and lover-ly type cutesy stuff). These guys have been seriously partaking of the kool aid. Though the over all cute glad-happy tone did not personally appeal to me very much I am happy that they promoted the products so strongly.

    kiss the old wintel machine goodbye

  4. Al: a “virus attempt” is not a virus, it is an attempt at a virus – many have tried and none have succeded. In fact there have been no succesfull breaches at all. No spyware, no adware. Nothing.

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