“Microsoft Corp. will meet with representatives from the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) next month for the first of several briefings intended to ensure that its upcoming Longhorn operating system complies with the terms of the final judgment in the government’s antitrust case against the software maker,” James Niccolai reports for IDG News Service.

Niccolai reports, “In court papers filed Tuesday, the government also said that its technical committee raised concerns about whether Windows XP and Service Pack 2 are in compliance with the judgment. Microsoft replied to those concerns recently and the government is reviewing its responses, it said.”

“The developments are outlined in a joint status report filed by Microsoft and the DOJ on the software maker’s progress in complying with the judgment, approved in November 2002. Among the requirements, Microsoft has to make it easy for customers to use non-Microsoft middleware products with its operating systems, including Web browsers and media players. The goal is to prevent Microsoft from using the ubiquity of Windows to lock rivals out of the market,” Niccolai reports. “The government already said it was talking to Microsoft about ensuring Longhorn’s compliance with the measures.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The U.S. DOJ’s neutered “remedies / penalties” in the Microsoft antitrust case amounted to a sad joke. No doubt they’re working extremely hard to make sure Microsoft complies with their weak, spineless terms.