Mac mini is going to dramatically improve Apple’s share in the personal computer market

“In the past I have written articles which some construed as being critical of the Apple Computer company – but this is not one of those,” Allan Jackson writes for The Sunday Tribune & Independent Online. “The launch of the way-cool iPod portable music player a few years ago has sent the company’s profits soaring and I believe that the launch last week of the Mac mini computer will send sales shooting even further into the stratosphere.”

“The Mac mini is quite simply the cutest and most adorable young computer you have ever seen. It is a mere 16.51cm wide, 5.08cm high and weighs less than 1.5kg,” Jackson writes. “The minute I saw a picture of the Mac mini I wanted one. I’m a PC user and I can’t think why I would want one, but I do, they’re that cute. I reckon Mac mini is going to dramatically improve Apple’s share in the PC market,” Jackson writes.

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MacDailyNews Take: Get a Mac and try it, Mr. Jackson, and you might be able to understand why you’d want one. You might have also tried doing so in the past before you decided to write “critical” articles about Apple Computer’s Mac platform, when you had no idea what made a Mac different (and better) than a commodity Windows PC. Nevertheless, in the end, we agree with your last sentence above; Mac mini is going to dramatically improve Apple’s share in the personal computer market – and, more importantly, increase Apple’s Mac unit sales and user base.


  1. Uh yeah.. PC users sometimes try and come up with ways to explain why Apple is still in business.. like… “I guess Mac users just love the way the computer hardware looks”

    Yeah. That’s it. I’m gonna drop anywhere from 600 CDN-2000 CDN on a sexy piece of plastic..

    Well surely it’s not the machines performance, and included software (including OS X)… nooo it couldn’t be that.. software, the reason you got the computer in the first place

  2. Allan Jackson writes: “I’m a PC user and I CAN”T THINK WHY I WOULD WANT ONE, but I do, they’re that cute.

    (w/tongue in cheek…) Well, isn’t he just too precious?

    Ditto on MDN’s take.

  3. Totally unrelated, but very amusing nevertheless…

    [I]Some say the Cupertino, California-based technology company has a prestige with consumers and marketing know-how that has revved up the music industry, and others are hoping to ride along.

    “There is a ‘cool’ factor” at Apple, said Ted Cohen, senior vice president of digital development for music publisher EMI. “They could come out with soap _ and people would buy iSoap.”[/I]

    From various syndicated sources discussing Midem 05 at Cannes this week.

  4. >>I’m a PC user and I can’t think why I would want one, but I do<<

    My gosh, dont’ they see how %$@$%@! stupid they are? That sentence tells the man everything he needs to know about why he should want one.. “I’m a PC user”. Putz.

  5. Shouldn’t it be illegal for someone to call themselves a journalist if they’ve never used or experienced the products or companies they write about? These people are the eyes and ears of their readers and yet they are basically talking out of their asses!! Isn’t that slander? Or Libel?
    Magic word is built… This guy’s built a carreer out of talking through his ass!!
    I’m glad he may become converted, but then again, maybe I’m not…

  6. MCCFR.. well obviously Apple is pure marketing and nothing they make is particularily advanced or useful… er.. so when is Tiger coming out… aaaaaand when is Longhorn coming out…and when will LH catch up?

    Oops.. Bill Gates just got caught in his own web of bs

    “The Mac is only safe because no one uses it… now if you’ll give me a minute, I have to go inform my drones to imitate OS X security…again. SP2 was supposed to be the nail in the coffin.”

    While I’m dissing Gates, a man who I admire and is without peer as a businessman, he’s gonna have to stop talking about ‘betting the company.’ LH is officially an upgrade of XP, and NOT a ‘from the ground up’ new release. Soooo.. basically, it will be a fully backwards compatible upgrade of XP. Not a ‘bet the company’ leap of faith. Pffft. How bold.

    That’s too bad, a lot of PC users were hoping to duck the security disaster that is XP in 2008. Hmm.

  7. Can’t remember where I saw it but there was a short interview with Steve Jobs after the keynote and he showed the two newscasters the Mac mini and the look on the guy newscaster’s face was priceless; “THATS it?” he asked “THATS the computer????” You could see that the form and size just blew him away. I think that is going to be happening a lot. Apple products are just too cool and the Mac Mini is going to take the market by storm. I sold a bunch of my other stocks and bought more AAPL right after that (and luckily before they announced their Q4 results).

    The female newscaster was much more cool about the whole thing. Turns out she has an iPod so she must be getting used to insanely great products.

  8. I’m with you on that, Tyk.

    Maybe I’m spoiled by my dual 2.5 which feels perfectly adequate after switching from a G4/500 on OS 9. In contrast, the 1.8-iMac-20 feels a bit sluggish. So how does the mini feel and will that provide enough of an experience to lock-in these people?

    Curious that many of those who mightn’t have touched an eMac are going for the headless-eMac, as AppleInsider describes it. The experience will be good for those upgrading from older Macs and Wintels, particularly if the latter are saddled with malware as they are bound to be. But for those adding the mini to a fast PC….

  9. Hee! I love it! Let him buy a Mac mini because its “cute”. Once he tries it, he’ll be blown away, and cuteness will no longer be the primary source of appeal.

    It’s exactly like how people bought iPods because they were hip and cool, then went raving ga-ga over them onece they actually used them. Let the masses buy Apple products for the wrong reasons. They’ll become Mac users for the right ones.

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