Windows users tell why they’re buying Apple Mac minis; it’s time for Mac users to step up and help

Over on Apple’s Support site and discussion is taking place on the recently added “Mac mini” board. In response to a post asking Windows PC users who have ordered a Mac mini what their reasons for doing so, a discussion is growing. Here’s a sample of selected responses:

Current setup: 1 laptop: win xp pro, 1 desktop win xp pro (just finished), 1 desktop win 98 (last two test machines). God willing a Mac Mini at about 9:01-9:20 tomorrow morning. I already have extra monitors (crt and flatpanel), keyboards, and mic. Had to buy a “y” cable for $9 at walmart.

1. Test/Develop machine
2. File server
3. Maybe file editing or web cruising
4. DVD stuff, ilife stuff … I dunno what this software can do outside of what is installed on my windows machine… we will see. If better than what is installed on my current windows machine, I will use the software… if not, see #2.

I am the original Windows fan. I am a small (read: very small) developer and always wanted to have a Mac line of products. In the past I could only afford a used Mac, not really good if you want to keep the machine for a year or more. With the intro of the mini I am able to buy a new machine, which has a 1 year warranty (2 years when purchased with my credit card) and I have a nice cheap Mac test machine with the latest Mac OS. For 499 or 599 you can’t beat that.

I have never owned a mac my life. I’m a windows software developer, I even used to work at Microsoft and I’m going to by a Mac Mini. Here are some of the reasons why.

-It’s cheap 575 bucks with 512RAM. I already have plenty of monitors, mice, keyboards. I also have a firewire/usb dvd burner and 300GB hard drive.
-My newest windows PC is almost 5 years old now. It was a top of the line $3,000 computer when I bought it so it has held up. It’s still fine for most what I do, but it’s boring.
-I’m a computer geek and I’m interested in software, OS and GUI design so I’d like to check out what Apple has done with their software.
-I’d like to check out Apples ILife suite for managing my digital photos, digital videos of my kid and DVD burning. I already use ITunes for music and I think it’s a great piece of software. There must be good software on the PC for doing these things, it’s just that I haven’t found it yet. Everything I’ve used is missing something or annoying in some way. I really want a true digital media hub with software that makes all that stuff easy and fun.

I had a Mac 128 a LONG time ago. As I could not justify the price, the Mini simply hit the sweet spot. But funny thing is, this Mini I ordered will replace my wife’s aging PC and I will get the hang of OS X at the same time. Plus I will see what we can develop for OS X. If everything goes well I will get a Mac for me as well.

My significant other is a graphic designer….she is such a MAC lover. I don’t fault her for that! wink

I myself am a total PC buff and work in a an industry dominated by Bill. I think Apple has come out with an impressive new markteing idea to bring us PC users out of the attic. I will never see Apple moving towards our industry in the near future, but I bought one because I needed a new toy to play with. This will probably replace my pc at home.

I am buying a Mac Mini as a third computer – and my first Mac. The main reason is that I am eager to try ilife. I also like the challenge of learning a new (and supposedly superior) OS. I bought a new keyboard, mouse and monitor for it and am going to keep the system on one side of my desk – the other is occupied by an older desktop PC.

I am really impressed by the community here. Despite the fact that I have never used a Mac before, I feel pretty confident that help will be easily available if/when I have issues.

I’ve decided to try a Mac for the following reasons:

1) Windows has got boring
2) Its a chance to learn something new
3) Panther looks amazing
4) Ever since a mate switched from the PC world and bought a Powerbook I found myself using his mac all the time.. I want one!
5) The Mini is cheap and cool!

Not in any order, all are #1:
1. OSX makes windows look out-dated….again
2. Wanted cheap apple computer
3. OSX much more secure than windows
4. Half the height of my 4G 20gb iPod
5. One word-iLife
6. Hypnotized by Jobs’ mini introduction
7. HDTV and composite tv video-out support
8. DVD player
9. Better iPod compatibility
10. OSX Tiger will be out soon

I currently own 4 Windows PC’s. My reasons are:

1) I’ve always wanted a Mac to see what it is like.
2) I’ve never got one because of the price.
3) I didn’t want to spend all that money on something I may not like.
4) I already have LCD screens and numerous Keyboards/Mice.
5) I love the cool factor of the Mac.
6) I want to try something other than Windows.
7) It is small enough to easily sell on Ebay if I hate it grin

I am not intending to replace my Windows PC’s. I have made too much of an investment in Windows to simply get rid of the Windows machines that I currently own.

However, my plan is that if I really like the Mac I shall upgrade to Mac instead of Windows in the future.

Can’t wait for it to arrive!

MacDailyNews Take: The thread continues here.

The onus is now on us Mac users to welcome Windows-only PC users and be as helpful as possible. If any Windows person with a new Mac has questions, you can email MacDailyNews with your questions and we’ll do our best to help! Email us here: . Obviously, the Support and Discussions sections of Apple’s website will be a valuable resource for new Mac users:

We encourage every Mac user to put their best foot forward and welcome new Mac users to the platform. We have a “Window” of opportunity here, thanks to Apple’s new Mac mini, to help grow the Mac platform. This is an important time to be a Mac user, let’s make the best of it and try to be as accepting and helpful as possible! The Mac mini’s low price, Mac OS X, and iLife are getting Windows users in the door and the community of Mac users can assure that they stay and make themselves at home.

To get Windows users who are new to the Mac started, this page shows Mac OS and Windows Keyboard Equivalents:

And this site, MacWindows, features “Tutorials for Macintosh-Windows Integration” here:

Please post additional links you think would be helpful to Windows users about to dive into Mac OS X in the reader feedback below.


  1. Fsckin’ finally! I’ve been emailing and hoping Mac sites such as this would step up and MDN just did it big time. I agree 100% – it’s time for us to help Windows users make the transition as smoothly as possible!

    Bravo, MDN for this article!!!

  2. Welcome aboard.
    Mac user since 1988, have to use Windows at work, but am experienced with win98 through XP.

    Current personal machine- white I-book with Virtual PC.

    There may be a few idiots who will bait you, ie; why did you ever own a
    Windows machine and all that junk. Ignore them and have a good time.

  3. I’m getting all choked up. It remindes me of what I was feeling 2 1/2 years ago when I switched. I thought “there has to be something better than Windows XP, and I bought an iBook (because it was cheap) with OS X 10.1 (remember 10.1?) and I loved it. I can’t imagine how great it will be for the new users to go from XP and step up to 10.3 and soon 10.4!

    I’ll tell you one thing, all those Mac mini buyers will probably be giving Apple another 100+ buck in 3-5 months to get their hands on Tiger. I’ll bet that this timing is no accident. The margin on the mini may be so-so but software is (almost) always very profitable. Just ask Bill Gates, and he sells crappy software.

  4. Welcome new Mac users. I’m a former and current Windows user who jumped to Mac almost 3 years ago. I’ve really not looked back since. I say I’m a current windows user because I need to use Windows at work for my job as an ISP support tech, but when I want to actually *USE* a computer to do something *I* want to do, I have found my Macs to be completely reliable, stable and fun. I hope your journey is just as much fun as mine has been. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  5. I have been regularly on the apple support pages helping the new ex windows mac mini owners.

    There are some very interesting posts on there too even for experienced mac users!

  6. Yes, kudos to MDN for doing this!
    I made my prediction at another article–Macs hit 6% of the US market by Dec. 06–assuming sufficient supply. (I know…a BIG assumption given Apple’s recent history.)

  7. I bought my first Mac in 2003 and all I kept thinking to myself afterwards is “what took me so long?” I’m sure many of the new converts will feel the same way after they’ve spent some time with their new minis. My father and two co-workers of mine are buying new minis as soon as they can find one available and I told them they can call for advice anytime. I think they’ll all see that using a Mac is like a breath of fresh air and I welcome them all.

  8. To be fair, the wow factor will be upon the switchers as soon as they pick the box up.

    Although it would be easy to call a switcher dumb for not ‘getting’ the Apple thing (I think the machine, the packaging and the OS will blow people away with no help from ‘us’) I think the greatest bit about this thing we have is the community. I once told a windows user about the ‘community’ and he said “no such thing exists”. That was out of non-exposure to the amount of goodwill that actually exists between ‘us lot’.

    Here’s to the future, whilst I have enjoyed being ‘exclusive’ I do like the idea that more and more people will dig having a machine that Just Works.

  9. Well, recent or almost switchers: look at
    I switched over half a year ago and am loving it. The switch pages (50) should contains some useful info for recent or almost switchers.
    Oh, please forgive the navigation “calendar” forward nav is, erm, “stuffed” – I’m in the process of moving it all to an mt based site.

    Switch, and have fun!

  10. you might want to warn some people that iDVD ’04 and perhaps even iDVD ’05 will NOT work with external DVD burners.

    There is that patch that works for some people.

  11. To all the other current and would be switchers… WELCOME! Welcome to a world of fun computing, less-hassle computing. Welcome to a world where things just work, where you don’t have to have a degree in computer internals just to surf the web.

    I switched 2 years ago to an iMac just to use iLife, but then was mezmerised by Mac OS X and all the other quality apps. I still have two Win XP laptops but I will be replacing those with Mac Minis soon enough. I also have all my family videos, pictures and a nice selection of DVDs stored on a Media Center PC (that my whole family love by the way), but as soon as a viable media center solution comes from Apple or a third party (Elgato doesn’t quite cut it currently), I will be switching that too.

    I remember the sense of excitement I had when I first started to get to grips with my new mac and Mac OS X. There’s gonna be a lot of people going through that same emotion in the months and years to come!!! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

    Mark from London (a.k.a the original ‘switcher’… at least on this website ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  12. I’m Solid – Level 3 over in the Apple Discussion Forums. Welcome new Mac users! The Apple Forum is one of the most helpful places on the internet, and some of the most knowledgeable computer users frequent the discussions.

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