Apple’s share of total news stories read at ZDNet skyrockets from 3 to 70 percent in past month

ZDNet is reporting that the latest BT Trax mindshare figures show that, in the last month, Apple’s share of total news stories read by ZDNet users in the desktop category skyrocketed from 3 to over 70 percent.

BT Trax constantly analyzes ZDNet’s IT content to determine which stories are associated with a technology or company and then tallies the number of times those stories are read by ZDNet users.

The heightened buzz can be pinpointed to Apple’s announcement of a low cost Mac PC last week at its MacWorld conference. That quickly diminished the usually high standings of top PC vendors Dell, HP, and IBM, which currently have desktop mindshare figures at just 7,4, and less than one percent, respectively.


  1. Tilted Sideways is right. People we all have to believe. There is real power in believing. No need to be fanatical, just believe. It’s a simple, small, yet powerful thing.

  2. In slightly related news, CBSMarketwatch reported that 10 million of the iPod shuffles have been ordered.

    All I can say is WOW.

    (Brought to you by the word ‘rest.’ As in, the ‘rest’ of the competition cannot compete with Apple right now.)

  3. Ah, well.. Apple is the only company that really does anything..

    Hahaha.. compare a SJ keynote to the new Oracle/Peoplesoft clip..

    The rest of the industry is so damn boring and slow…

  4. “…IN THE LAST MONTH, Apple’s share of total news stories read by ZDNet users in the desktop category skyrocketed from 3 to over 70 percent.”

    WTF ?!?!?

    That’s amazing. I realize that the increase is most likely related to the Mac mini announcement but, c’mon, that’s one helluva bump.

    NoPCZone: “Sony has got to be kicking themselves right about now.” Maybe that’s part of the reason Steve invited Kunitake Ando to appear at MWSF. A little bit of a “mea culpa” on Ando’s part, methinks.

  5. Well, the last family holdout finally agreed to sample the Mac world — and add a mini. But I won’t let him. iMac at least, I’ll tell him.

    Brought to you by the magic word passed as in Windoze time has….

  6. do you really want apple to have a large
    market share? do you really think that it
    is a good thing?

    I love all of my apple products. the
    products are great, market share is not
    always great. apple has done extremely
    well thus far, why such a fascination with
    market share. it sounds like windows users.

    it doesn’t mean horse piss.

  7. To baukunst:

    Yes I do really want the Mac to have a greater market share. Instead of computers being an enigmatic angry little machine that is to be feared and avoided, people may again start to judge software objectively based on ease-of-use and quality. Once they get used to the idea of powerful, yet friendly software such as the iLife package, perhaps they’ll realize that companies CAN make software that is usable and understandable. Software that doesn’t throw a fit everytime you sneeze. I think a large Mac market share would improve the overall quality of commercial software and raise the bar for the whole industry. After all, the original Mac didn’t take off because it required 10x the effort to program for it opposed to DOS. Companies who consistently spit out the quickest and cheapest software they can may soon find their fates changing.

    I hope so.

  8. baukunst, Apple used to practically own the PC market way back when, but then they became greedy and went a bit silly. That’s when Billy Boy stepped in with his POS software running on half-baked hardware; funny how the more things change the more they stay the same.
    I’m confident that Apple won’t make the same mistakes again.
    Market share isn’t the be all and end all for sure, but why would anyone want to deny Apple a much bigger piece of the pie? So long as Apple remains an ethical, responsible corporation, and doesn’t catch Microsoftitis, then go for gold Steve!

  9. 10 million seems a bit high, even for iPod. I’m guessing she (or her writers) mis quoted the historic total:

    “Apple has sold 10 million of the trendy digital music players in the last three years”

    As for market share, I remember the days when Apple dropped below 10%, it was a major blow. Its time for some payback!

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