Apple retail stores to open an hour early on Saturday for first day Mac Mini, iPod shuffle sales

“Might the Mac mini mean a bigger bite of the personal computer market for Apple Computer Inc.? That’s the hope of Apple whose approximately 100 retail stores are opening an hour early on Saturday as the highly touted and low-priced Mac mini computer and iPod Shuffle portable music player go on sale,” Reuters reports. “Analysts are betting Apple’s mini might just tempt users of rival Microsoft Corp.’s Windows to switch operating systems and go with the Mac and its Mac OS X operating system.”

“‘I believe the Mac mini is actually going to have more of an impact on Apple’s market share position than their digital music efforts have so far,’ said IDC analyst Roger Kay,” Reuters reports. Echoing the sentiment, Needham & Co. analyst Charlie Wolf wrote to clients, ‘The iPod’s only failure so far has been its inability to stimulate meaningful purchases of Macintoshes.’ With the Mac mini, that could change, and Wolf now estimates that 11 percent of those who have iPods and PCs that use the Windows operating system may shell out the $499 for a Mac mini now that they’re available. Before the mini, Wolf had predicted 4 percent could switch. Apple is opening its stores at 9 a.m. local time on Saturday. Store personnel contacted by Reuters in California, Colorado, Florida and New Jersey said they had been receiving a slew of calls about the mini and the Shuffle. The Shuffle is Apple’s smaller, cheaper version of its market-leading iPod and holds either 120 or 240 songs, costing $99 and $149, respectively.”

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  1. LOL, mine’s already here. Arrived today. From what I can tell with the “Out Of Box” experience, there’s going to be a lot Windows people simply blown away.

    It’s a great read over on the Apple Mac Mini forums; noobs w/ join dates in January & under 10 posts extolling the virtues of Apple like they’ve been there since NeXT.

    This is gonna’ be big,

  2. Sure rub it in, we’re supposed to have a major winter storm dump 6+ inches of snow by 6am. I hope there’s a mini left for me by the time I get there. 🙁

  3. Mac Genius: I would if I could.
    Knock Knock: Here I’am in a bikini with just a wrap around my lower body soaking up the summer sun. LOL

    Love to have a Mac Mini but my iBook is just fine.

  4. I was one of 50 in line at Montgomery Mall in MD before the 9 am opening today (1-22-05) to purchase the ipod shuffle. Folks flowed in an orderly manner and I saw maybe four or five people leave with a bag, one had two ipods when they announced they had run out in five minutes. Then a few minutes later the word was that it was a similar situation at Tyson’s Coner, Virginia. Needless to say people were more than just a bit unhappy having braved the snow warnings and a wait outside the store. I hung around when most had left when a new customer arrived asking for the product. The clerk said they were all sold out since they had 40 people in the store a few minutes ago. I spoke up and said that there were no way 40 ipods sold as he was implying. How many did you have I inquired, he said he was permitted to give out that information. The woman manager went by shaking her head saying it was her birthday and she shouldn’t have to face so many unhappy customers. Well you get the picture. The store employees were put in an unncessary position and not trained in how to deal with the situation. The customers left empty handed on a very unhappy note. Why open the store an hour early and announce that fact and then not have enought to last what was less than five minutes. A big boo for Apple’s retailing management!

  5. I just got back from the Apple Store to check out the Mac Mini.

    Wow……VERY impressive computer. The pictures on the Apple web site do not do it justice. The unit definitely is high quality. Very strong and solid look.

    I have a feeling Apple is going to sell a ton of ’em.


  6. The line at So. California’s South Coast Plaza store at 9:10 a.m. was at least 200 deep – past several stores and almost to the outside mall doors. The first in line were there before 7:00 a.m. I got my 1GB shuffle last week, and my mini CTO (with Bluetooth & Airport) should arrive today or Monday, but I had to go check it out. When I left people will still purchasing their minis and shuffles. I hope they had more inventory than Charlie saw at Montgomery Mall.

    Michael Dell could never imagine such customer interest.

  7. “Of which, the UK store in Regent Street is the 2nd most profitable (SJ said this in the keynote).”


    because us brits get spanked for apple products : (

    we pretty much get spanked for everything in this country : (

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