David Coursey gives Apple’s new ‘Mac mini’ an ‘A’ grade and ‘iPod shuffle’ a ‘C-’

“A $499 Mac ought to be the ultimate ‘switcher’ box. Not that most Windows users actually switch to Macintosh, but many have bought a Mac for use at home. Buy a KVM (keyboard/video/mouse) switch, and the Mac mini can share mouse, keyboard and screen with your PC. This gets users a Mac without a lot of work and for a minimal investment,” David Coursey writes for eWeek. “Having this machine in the Apple product line allows Mac fanatics to tell their Windows friends that instead of upgrading their Windows machine, they should add a Mac to their desktop or home—and save money in the process.”

“The downside of the Mac mini may be performance in the graphics-intensive applications toward which Mac users tend to gravitate. I want to see an independent, hands-on review before committing to a final score, but as a preliminary grade, I think a [letter grade of] ‘A’ is right on target. I’m about ready to pull out my credit card for this one,” Coursey writes.

Coursey also grade Apple’s other Macworld Expo product intoductions, giving a B+ for iWork, a C+ for iLife ’05, and a C- for the iPod shuffle, expliang, ” I am sure they will sell a zillion of these—just not to me.” Find out Coursey’s reasons for his grading in the full article here.


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