Tech columnist Wendland: ‘Apple’s new iPod Shuffle to be the next must-have product’

“Apple’s new iPod Shuffle is about to be the next must-have product… Now, critics contend that’s a reverse psychology thing, aimed at covering up a big drawback in the Shuffle — the lack of a display screen that lets you see and choose the songs you play,” Mike Wendland writes for The Detroit Free Press. “But the criticism doesn’t take into consideration the way most people I know use personal music players. Shuffling is the way most of us like to play CDs. We like randomness.”

Wendland writes, “The lack of a display screen is a nonfactor, I believe. The Shuffle offers the simplicity and ease of use that Apple engineering is so justly famous for… Those who run or walk or work out, I predict, are going to be the most avid iPod Shuffle users. Because there are no moving parts — remember that flash memory on a chip — the Shuffle is totally skipless. I put the Shuffle on when I hit the treadmill Monday morning. No matter how jarring the exercise, my music played as strong and steady as ever… Way to go, Apple. You did it again. The Shuffle is one hot new product.”

Full article here.

More info about Apple’s new iPod shuffle here.


  1. Thetic, LOL,

    Though I’m sure you know you can turn shuffle off. Can a book fit? 120 songs at 4 minutes, 128Kbps (512 model) – that’s 7 hours. Hmm, checking the Audible section on the iTMS, most audiobooks are longer than that, so you’d need to get the $149 1GB model.

  2. Don’t get me wrong, iPod shuffle is a cool product, but I still think it’s funny how some journalists rave about the small size and no moving parts of flash memory, as if it were some amazing new innovation. Really shows you how much impact all those flash players have had, huh? (i.e. none…) No wonder the folks at Rio and Creative are feeling a little grumpy…

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