Mac mini ‘could be Apple’s Trojan horse into the video entertainment world’

“Apple’s market share in computers is still small, but there are two reasons to believe its future is bright. The first is the iPod (along with the online iTunes store where users download songs for 99 cents), which showed that Apple can leverage its creativity and the hipness of its brand to enter and dominate new segments in the consumer electronics field. The other is that despite its own strategy, Apple is starting to benefit from enhanced PC compatibility, thanks to the Web. With all our computer brains increasingly being outsourced to the Internet, and with e-mail providing the easiest way to share documents, the days of trying to shuttle diskettes between incompatible machines is coming to an end,” The Los Angeles Times writes in an editorial.

“The iPod is a success that Apple can replicate on many fronts, which is why Jobs looked more than a little excited last week at the MacWorld show. The new mini-Mac he introduced, which retails at $499, could be Apple’s Trojan horse into the video entertainment world, which still doesn’t boast a dominant, all-encompassing hub that will link computers, TVs, digital recorders, stereos and — who knows? — sprinkler systems. And surely someone at Apple is thinking about an iPod that will gobble up your cellphone and personal organizer too,” The LA Times writes. “Getting all our machines to get along with each other, and seem cool while doing so. That is a job for Mr. Jobs.”

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  1. I can’t wait for an apple branded PDA with the ability to consolidate your music, phone, email, images (maybe even video), contact info, gps, calendar, etc… into one simple concise unit. I know it’s probably years down the road but, with a lot of the items they are releasing and the path that we can ‘see’ them taking, it looks quite feasible.
    Magic word = “boy”… “Boy, oh, boy that would be swell!!”

  2. The world is looking to Apple and Steve Jobs to cut the Gordian knot with their famous innovation and integrate the digital living room and make our lives easier and better. I am not in the least surprised that no one is looking to Bill Gates to do this. They have already taken their shot and no one seems very impressed (especially after the BSOD at the CES fiasco).

    If anybody can do it, Apple can!

  3. And surely someone at Apple is thinking about an iPod that will gobble up your cellphone and personal organizer too,”


    Bzzzt! The point is getting these things to work together, not getting them to converge on one device.

    Say what you will.. a Motorolla phone with 20 Gigs will be too expensive and the interface will be irritating, and the usage will be frustrating too…Oh yeah.. repair costs through the roof

    Booo to convergence

  4. “Trojan Horse into the video entertainment world”

    Funny, I made the exact same point in a thread a few days ago, but I said that it was a Trojan horse into the consumer electronics universe.

  5. The use of the term “Trojan Horse” is a good one. Sell them the hardware as an innocent computer and then release the software app later. The OS has all of the tools and goodies inside- all that is needed is for Apple to tie them into a usable single application.

  6. Jack A, that is awesome!! Does that mean that I can set my PC up as a VNC and run OSX on it from my G5? If so, please give me some more links to reference and I’m on it!!!

  7. Jack A,

    Thanks for mentioning the great Wired article here. This guy thinks mobility is so important, he considers a PowerBook too taxing to lug around. I saw it yesterday and sent it to my brother. I agree with loki, it would have been nice if they’d said which VNC apps he was using. Obviously he needed either software that worked on both OS X and Pocket PC, or separate apps that can connect with each other. I’ll have to ask my brother, he’s the Windows/Mac network guru in the family.


    Here’s VersionTracker’s page of VNC software:;[]=macosx

  8. “especially after the BSOD at the CES fiasco”

    Jack A.

    Did you even watch CES?

    The blue screen didnt occur during Bills pres. It occured when a Developer called “EA GAMES” tryed running a beta (Unreleased) version of a new racing game only to find a blue screen stating “out of memory”
    And just so you guys no. But you will all contend im wrong. (And thats fine, whatever) BSOD’s are typically caused by a hardware failure or incompatible memory. These are mistakes made by the people who build/upgrade the HARDWARE not the software. BSOD’s are jst a way for you to tell why the system has dumped. But again 99.9 % of the time ITS NOT WINDOWS. Get a clue people.
    The BSOD at least gives you info unlike the infamous Kernel panics in OS X.

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