LA Times publishes letters critical of their virus and spyware article that omitted the Mac option

The Los Angeles Times has published two letters in response to their recent article, “No More Internet for Them: Fed up over problems stemming from viruses and spyware, some computer users are giving up or curbing their use of the Web.” MacDailyNews covered their article last Friday at which time we wrote, “The article goes on and on with very entertaining, from the perspective of a Mac user, anecdotes of Windows suffering, but amazingly makes no mention of the real solution: get a Mac. Unbelievable! For our Windows-only friends, there is a better way, so for more information about smoothly adding a safe, secure, powerful, and fun Mac OS X machine to your computing arsenal, please click here. If we may be so forward, you might want to take a look at Apple’s new $499 Mac Mini – it just might be the perfect machine for you. And don’t forget to bump the RAM up to 512MB, you’ll want it.”

The letters to the Los Angeles Times read as follows:

It’s unfortunate that the Jan. 14 Column One, “No More Internet for Them,” failed to mention Apple’s Macintosh as an option to unplugging. No viruses, no spyware and no speed decrease because of those gremlins. The statement “No one is immune” and then using Bill Gates as an example could have been restated as “No one with a Windows PC is immune.” The stereotype that nothing exists but the Windows PC shouldn’t be propagated in this day and age. There are real solutions besides unplugging.

Bill Taggart


The laments of Internet users mentioned in your Column One article puzzles me. My experience with the Web is overwhelmingly positive. I have had no viruses, spyware or pop-ups. I cruise the Web for hours without a glitch. Almost all of my shopping is done online, with few problems. The difference, I suppose, is simple: I use a Macintosh.

Bill McGuire
Soda Springs, Calif.

Link here.

MacDailyNews Take: Both are excellent, level-headed letters that clearly state what The LA Times should have stated in their original article. A good job by both!

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  1. I wonder how many letters from “enthusiastic” Macintosh readers slammed the LA Times they received compared to the cogent letters published in response?

    I’m glad the LA Times had the temerity to publish those letters.

  2. Luckily they didn’t publish the average letter:

    Dear Cocksmoochers:

    You suck! How dare you not mention the Mac. What are you stoopid? Of course you are! Every PC weenie may only have one functioning brain cell left but that’s all it should take to realize the superiority of the Mac if they were to simply consider the option.

    I realize the real reason why you really didn’t mention it though. I know. You are in Bill Gates’s pocket. Admit it. You’re whores. And you really really suck. The Mac is far superior to PeeSea and you know it. You’re scared. And you suck.

    Best regards,
    Mac Zealot X

  3. Good Job LAtimes. I only hope that other publications have the objectivity and journalistic integrity to follow your example. Oh, and next time you can mention the Mac as the solution from the start. The only thing I could have asked for in the letters would have been that they made it crystal clear that there isn’t ANY malware for OS X in the wild right now. Not “fewer’ like most articles that mention the Mac claim.

  4. It should never be forgotten that a well written and well reasoned letter will do more good than a thousand flame-mails. If you want the media to think Mac users are not some kind of cult then stop acting stupid.

  5. smorr, I’ve modified my tin foil hat to intercept email from anywhere in the world. It works pretty well. I’m thinking of hooking a Mac mini up to it next. I might even be able to transmit.

  6. I wrote a letter along those lines from my Windows laptop while on the road. It was returned with an accompanying virus. Norton actually caught and isolated the virus. LMFAO.

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