AdAge: Pepsi to promote Apple iTunes giveaway during Super Bowl

According to, Pepsi-Cola Co. has purchased 2.5 minutes of airtime in The Super Bowl on Sunday, February 6, 2005. The company is currently shooting work that will focus on corporate branding in addition to spots for Diet Pepsi and a Pepsi/iTunes promotion. Ad agency BBDO, New York, is handling creative for corporate Pepsi branding; TBWA, Playa del Rey, which is Apple’s ad agency, are handling creative for Pepsi/iTunes.

This agency information matches with AdAge’s mid-summer report, “Five months after BBDO launched the Pepsi iTunes promotion on the Super Bowl, TBWAChiatDay’s Southern California office is getting a crack at the assignment, landing the estimated $15-20 million business without a review, sources said last week,” Kathleen Sampey reported for AdWeek. “The effort, slated to break during the game next year, will run through the spring. Sources said the reason for the switch to Omnicom Group’s TBWACD in Playa del Rey, Calif., was that Apple Computer CEO Steve Jobs wanted the Apple agency to do the work so he could have more of a say in its creation… BBDO has handled the Pepsi brand since 1964.,” Sampey reported.


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  1. I’m kinda new at this…

    Ummm, first post?

    Besides that, I sure hope the ad campaign this year is far better than last years 60 seconds of hip youngsters shouting to be criminals.

    I can picture it now… rather than throwing a sledgehammer at Big Brother, why not throw a Pepsi bottle with a yellow cap at a big screen with all the other online music competitors? Hmmm… they’re not that big though…

  2. “Apple Computer CEO Steve Jobs wanted the Apple agency to do the work so he could have more of a say in its creation… BBDO has handled the Pepsi brand since 1964”

    This is kind of full circle for Steve J. Now he’s selling sugar water!

  3. LAST YEARS STORY IS NOT THE AD (not yelling-just highlighting)….rather the time it took to get one of the bottles in Los Angeles and in my area of the valley. I had less than one week before the bottles expired!!!! Then the damn thing was over. I did get seven songs? So the problem was Pespi blew the promotion by taking soooooooo long. We even had people email each other to find those things and no one could find it until the last week.


    Oh, I did drink Coke for as long as I can remember………now I drink Pepsi?! It does work.

  4. Good. I am glad that Steve has more say in the ad. The one last year sucked. The people who Pepsi had make that ad just didn’t “get it”.

    Apple ads are always entertaining. Even the “Lemmings” superbowl ad which went over like a lead balloon was at least very entertaining to watch.

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