Apple’s .Mac services to be unavailable due to scheduled maintenance this Sat. night to Sun. morning

Apple has emailed .Mac members today:

Dear .Mac Member,

.Mac services will be unavailable due to scheduled maintenance from Saturday, Jan. 22nd at 10 p.m. until Sunday, Jan. 23rd at 6 a.m. (PST). Included in this outage are all web-based services and iDisk. New iChat sessions will be temporarily unavailable during the beginning of this maintenance period. Email access from a client application, however, will not be affected. We regret any inconvenience this causes and appreciate your support as we continue to enhance our service. You can review system status on the .Mac support page at

Warm regards,
The .Mac Team


  1. Actually rogozhin, I am an American living in Japan. I originally signed up in the States while visiting home and can access the US .mac and also the Japanese .mac so I assume it is totally borderless. I use file chute with .mac sometimes. It is pretty cool. Drop a file on file chute and it automatically zips it and puts it on your idisk in a special file that normally no one sees (not even the owner). It then generates a link that you put in an email. The recipient clicks the link and the file automatically downloads to them. Nice for sending things without clogging up email (also for very large files). There are a few other programs out there that make use of the idisk functionality too.

    Main thing that I really like about .mac is that I can put up a page of pics with thumbs and a slideshow with only two clicks!! Very macish.

  2. I HOPE none of you out there are actually paying $99 for .mac – I’ve seen it for $79 from and I got mine in a box at a local Mac retailer for the same.

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