Thinking of switching to Mac?  Check out Apple’s free ‘Mac OS X Basics’ online movies

Thinking of making the move to Mac OS X? Don’t forget to stop by Apple’s free online “Mac OS X Basics” pages which feature tips, hints, and QuickTime movies – it’ll help you quickly get a feel for the basics of how Mac OS X works.

Apple’s free online “Mac OS X Basics” tutorial is here. And don’t forget to check out Apples Mac OS X 10.4 “Tiger” preview videos featuring Spotlight and more starting here:

Also of interest might be Apple’s “Moving to Mac OS X” information and movies which are designed for Mac OS 9 users moving to Mac OS X, but also are useful for those considering switching from Windows to Mac. It’s here.

If you’re like most people thinking of switching from your PC to a Mac, you’ve got lots of questions. Here are the answers to the 10 most frequently asked questions. And if you’ve still got more, just click on ‘More frequently asked questions’ at the bottom of this page:

Another very good and free online resource are Atomic Leanring’s orientation tutorials for Apple Mac OS X version 10.3 (Panther). Atomic’s free orientation series focuses on the new and improved Finder, as well as highlighting exciting new features like Expose and Fast User Switching:

Finally, if you are a .Mac member, you’ll have access to over 30 tutorials in the .Mac Leanring Center here:

MacDailyNews Take: Apple, where are the movies for users switching from Windows 98/2000/XP to Mac OS X? We can’t seem to find them anywhere. Perhaps we’re missing the section of your website where you help out current Windows users learn more about Mac OS X and how to do the basic things they do with Windows in Mac OS X? If not, this is about as big an error of omission as a company like Apple could make, so please get on the ball, get these produced and get them online pronto! And don’t hide them on your site, either. They should be easily found from the home page and on all product pages for items like, oh say, the Mac mini. You might want to run them on a continuous loop on the big screen at every Apple Retail Store, too.


  1. I’m so glad they have this. In the past week (with the intro of the mac mini) I have convinced 4 people to switch, and that was before I even showed them Panther.

    Point is, they will need to see all the amazing things this operating system can do, and I’m glad Apple will show them.

    Magic word is Hundred, as in, All it takes is one hundred people to get the Apple ball moving, but once it gets rolling, millions will join along.

  2. I just looked at the first couple of screens and they both assuming the user is migrating from Mac OS 9. It would be helpful if Apple modified it for Windows switchers/adders, but I’m sure it would still be helpful.

  3. Actually I just turned my little sister on to this recently. She just got her first computer – an iBook. She said it was really helpful but that it assumes the users know OS 9 pretty good to start with.

    I agree with MDN that Apple should put a PC to Mac tutorial on line and also slightly modify the current tutorial to have a version for first time computer users who it assumes know nothing at all.

    A quick PR video that doesn’t assume you already know and shows the benefits and all you can do on OS X would be great too.

  4. I Placed these comments several hours ago under MDN’s Opinion page:

    How about Apple including a DVD with the Mac mini to explain the hardware, OS and software advantages, and especially a tutorial to help first time users find their way around OS X? How to use the dock, finder, expose, etc. And then a quick tour of all the iApps.
    (Heck, Steve himself could even have a word.)
    Better still� they could make the DVD’s freely available at all Apple stores to let those still sitting on the fence have a serious peek.
    I know a couple of switchers and after several weeks they still expect things to work the ‘Windows’ way, when I show them the easier Mac way you get lots of aahhs, but also a shrug of shoulders. I think a free tutorial would really help

  5. I attended my first Windows support group at my local Apple store. I know, Apple calls it “Switch at Six” but the other 4 people and I decided it was like a recovery group and we talked about the peer pressure from our friends and family who thought we are crazy for getting Macs.

    And while I’m on the subject, I have to say it is very timely that Microsoft just released a tool to move all of my Outlook 2001 data to Entourage.

    My magic word is ‘expect’ as in “What would you expect?”

  6. I think that Apple should offer .mac email addresses for free like hotmail or gmail and then upsell the other features that come with it. Microsoft has access to millions of hotmail users with the touch of a button.

  7. I remember when I got my first Mac in 1994 and I knew zip about computers. It came with a CD called Mac Basics, that gently explained, step by step, all the relevant metaphors about how to use the Mac GUI and how to use a computer in general. It also came with another CD that showed me how to use a mouse, with a little game that allowed me to practice using it. Most of us have probably forgotten, but it actually takes a bit of practice learn and understand how to properly use a mouse and the difference between all the actions, like clicking to select, double clicking, clicking and holding, clicking and dragging, etc.

    Those CDs were invaluable to me and within a short time I felt confident using my new computer and was able to then easily explore all the things it could do.

    I’ve had a few experiences since then of trying help beginner computer users use their Macs and I’m always surprised how they don’t know the very basic things and are usually just flailing around blindly clicking here and there. But how would they know these things if they’ve never been told? I really don’t know why Apple doesn’t include some basic training CDs with their machines.

    I had a friend just call me this morning, who has owned an iMac for a couple of years, but has just upgraded to OSX. He was playing around with Safari, but it appeared to him that Safari had no scroll bars or buttons and he was completely lost. It took me a minute, until I realized that somehow he had just opened a window that was bigger than his screen. Here’s someone whose Mac experience would greatly be enhanced by some basic training info from Apple.

  8. ” Imagine a world in a few years when the line becomes “PC’s are only good for games” “

    I still wholeheartedly believe (mores so now than ever) that even the above line won’t apply in three years.

    I am crazy, but I fully believe the market will begin a full 180� turn in exactly three years. 2008, lets wait and see….

    Magic word is people, as in, people are beginning to learn…..

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