Audio report looks at Apple’s shine with author of ‘The Second Coming of Steve Jobs’

A look at iPods, iMacs, hot stocks, and hot tempers with Fast Company senior writer Alan Deutschman, author of The Second Coming of Steve Jobs. Deutschman recounts how Jobs was pushed out of Apple, how Apple lost its way without him, and how Apple Computer is doing today with Jobs back at the helm. Deutschman says he doesn’t personally like Jobs, but he does admire him and says Steve Jobs’ return to Apple refocused the company and motivated employees to realize their full potential.

“The Motley Fool Radio Show” NPR audio report (Real Audio, 8:49 minutes) here.


  1. I only know what I saw from Pirates of Silicon Valley, Dank. If I remember correctly Steve was kinda creating his own company within a company and they got him out to only have one person at the helm.

  2. DanK

    In a nutsell:Jobs hired the CEO from Pepsi to run Apple and their personalities clashed. The CEO then decided to kick out the man who hired and manipulated the board of directors to fire Jobs. Jobs left went to Europe, found enlighment and came back to start a company called Next- he took most of his old designers and engineers and competed with Apple.

  3. No, Jobs didn’t come back with the iMac. He came back with the acquisition of NeXT, so Jobs came back with Mac OS X in his back pocket.

    The original iMac was already in development as a stupid network thin client. Jobs stopped that madness, took it and gave it to Ives to redesign and turned it into the iMac and standalone, all-in-one, full-featured personal computer.

  4. What a bunch of whingers – don’t you know there is a FREE Real Player for Mac OS X? OK, so you can’t easily podcast the link, but so what. It’s less than nine minutes long.

    I thought Macs were for “the rest of us,” not the privelidged superior elite.

    Get over it.

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