Apple VP: Apple received more prerelease orders for iPod shuffle in Japan than for iPod mini debut

“Apple hopes to boost its share of Japan’s portable digital music player market to 80 percent from around 50 percent now, Vice President Yoshiaki Sakito said today. Apple will realize the goal with the flash memory-based iPod shuffle digital music player to be launched in Japan tomorrow, Sakito said,” Jiji Press English News Service reports.

“The iPod shuffle, Apple’s first flash digital music player, stores less music data than the company’s existing players, which use hard disk drives, but it has a smaller body size and lower price. In Japan, it is expected to retail at around 10,000 yen (US$98), about half the price of similar products sold by other manufacturers. Expressing a bullish outlook for the product’s Japanese debut, Sakito said the Apple group has received more prerelease orders for it in Japan than those placed for the iPod mini player, which became a blockbuster last year,” Jiji Press English News Service reports.

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  1. yeah, in fact, Creative came out with better flash players four years ago, and Apple is now just catching up. how can they not win?

    yeah, even their current version is bigger, harder to use, shorter in battery life, and more expensive, with many more useless features activated by unusable buttons. how can they not win?

    (love the 1″ screen thing. comes with its own magnifying glass)

  2. The problem with Creative is exactly that – they are NOT creative at all.

    Their products all look clumsy and lack style. elegance any form creativity.

    Ive been a designer for over 14 years now and I have learnt from my many years experience in the industry that the most creative designers or companies out there don’t need to tell the world that they are creative.

    If you have a compnay called ‘Creative’ – the chances are that you aren’t!

    If you are very good at what you do, whatever it is, your talent will come through without needing to tell or announce it to people.

    In my opiion, Apple are the most creative Computer company out there – and guess what – they never tell people that! Everyone knows this just by looking at how there products and software are designed.

    It’s what they don’t add to their products that make their products better than other companies.

    Remember ou’Less is more’.

    Creative should think about this…

  3. username, congrats.

    That’s quite an incentive to keep those grades up, huh?

    With only six more weeks ’til the end of February, that should be no problem. Good luck.

  4. Well, anecdotally, I can tell you my mother in law is gonna buy one over here and I probably will too. So there’s a step in the right direction towards that 80%.

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  5. solarflare,

    shhhhhh… (Elmer Fudd’s voice) be vewy, vewy quiet.

    Remember, we don’t want Creative to become aware of what they’re doing wrong.

    Let them flail around in their own ignorance. All we have to do is sit back, enjoy the show, and knowingly smile while they go screaming into annals of defunct electronics companies. Or at least until they become ‘beleagured’. You know, like Gateway.

    With all the FUD Sim Wong Hoo’s been spreading the past couple of days, he must be pretty scared. Things should get even more interesting over the next six months.

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