RUMOR: 1GB ‘iPod micro’ has no screen, marketing slogan to be ‘240 songs a million ways’

Macworld UK is reporting, “The micro iPod is white, and will hold 240 songs – but has no screen so will play the unlisted tracks in a set order or in random fashion. Four buttons are arranged in a square formation – two large buttons and two smaller ones.”

“Apple’s slogan for the iPod is ‘240 songs a million ways.’ Apple’s existing iPods use a small hard disk to store tracks. The new micro iPod uses flash memory such as that used in digital cameras. It is rumoured that it will be able to store 1GB of compressed AAC audio,” Macworld Uk reports.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: And the world wonders if this thing really is the ‘iPod micro’ or ‘iPod flash’ or whatever its name will be, if it exists, of course.


  1. The interface on the iPod itself isn’t what brings the ease of use. It’s the interface on iTunes and how the iPod links into it that makes the combination so much better than the competition. If you ask anyone with any other brand of player (I know, they’re not easy to find, but they are there) how they get music onto the thing, you get a Tolstoy novel as a response.

    Providing Apple keep the buttons on the device uncomplicated, which this rumour appears to suggest, this will sell big time. Mostly to the Windows crowd I suspect.

  2. I’m sure Steve Jobs have figured some ways to choose the songs. I don’t think Steve Jobs is that stupid and if there is not screen at the front, i’m sure it’s either voice activated, maybe a screen on the earphones or maybe even a a screen inside the iPod.

  3. Yeah. the iPod shuffle was supposed to be a vertical design.. I’m thinking about getting one, we’ll see what the final design ends up being..

    As usual, The flash market could have thought of this themselves.. but they didn’t.. Apple did. This idea will be copied.

    If you have so few songs, obviously you don’t need a screen to look at all the playlists and stuff on there, you just need one or two lines to choose playlists and see the song title, etc, etc..

    Nice work Apple..

  4. Doesn’t have a screen! Or does it?
    I remember about 12-15 months ago Apple patented a technology that fabricated LEDs in what appeared to be a casing. (ie the outside surface of a product.) The patent said that it could display text, graphics, even pictures. Now apply that concept to the rumoured CF iPod. Is the white case itself the screen. Imagine, the iPod screen we all know on the casing. If we are lucky it may also have the picture technology (aka the iTunes visualiser – the whole casing becoming alive with colours). The competition would not be able to live with it. Then again, it might not have a screen at all.

  5. This has got to be one of the worse ideas out of Cupertino. 250 songs with no way of getting to what you want. Why bother with playlists then? And at the rumored $150 price tag, it only proves that Apple is all about the margin.

    I’ve been pushing all my friends to get iPods, but they’ve been complaining about price. if this rumor holds true I won’t even tell them about this product.

  6. ade makes a good point, which might explain the conflict in the rumors. No dedicated screen because the whole thing is a screen. I saw a picture of an mp3 player shown at CES that uses this technology, so it wouldn’t be impossible for Apple to do this as well.

    Now if it doesn’t have a screen at all…
    I don’t see this as being a problem that would limit sales. A person is going to buy the flash player with the idea of listening to a specific mix that was created earlier on iTunes with only the songs they want to listen to at the time. So it won’t matter what order the songs are played if the user plans on listening to most all of them anyway. Like someone mentioned earlier, many times when you are jogging or whatever, you’re not worried about selecting songs, just the occassional skipping of a song.

    However, if it would be nice to setup maybe a couple playlists to select from, and I don’t know how a person would do that without a screen.

    I don’t think I need to talk about ease of use.

    Either way, I think this will be a huge hit with active users that want to take it too the gym or something and for people that want a complimentary iPod to add to their regular iPod.

    It’s not going to be marketed toward those of you that see it as a failure. If you don’t see how something like this could possibly sell, then try to think different.

    I actually think this would be a good move because it keeps Apple from just trying to sell cheap iPods. It’s actually innovative. It’s showing us another way of listening to music.

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