RUMOR: 1GB ‘iPod micro’ has no screen, marketing slogan to be ‘240 songs a million ways’

Macworld UK is reporting, “The micro iPod is white, and will hold 240 songs – but has no screen so will play the unlisted tracks in a set order or in random fashion. Four buttons are arranged in a square formation – two large buttons and two smaller ones.”

“Apple’s slogan for the iPod is ‘240 songs a million ways.’ Apple’s existing iPods use a small hard disk to store tracks. The new micro iPod uses flash memory such as that used in digital cameras. It is rumoured that it will be able to store 1GB of compressed AAC audio,” Macworld Uk reports.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: And the world wonders if this thing really is the ‘iPod micro’ or ‘iPod flash’ or whatever its name will be, if it exists, of course.


  1. I wouldn’t want to use it, but I could see how others would…

    actually, I said the same thing about the 60GB iPod photo, until I saw one in the store!

    This is going to sound selfish, but I just want this MacWorld to be more about Macs than iPods. Don’t get me wrong, I love my iPods, but Steve will have the eyes and ears of the world on him tomorrow, including people who, two years ago, didn’t even know that Apple was still in business. Let’s wow ’em with some frikkin’ HARDWARE, guys!!!

  2. yeah, I agree that the iPod has been so succssfull, largely because of the interface. but, now that iPod is so hugely popular.. people just want iPod’s because they are an iPod (cool factor ir whatever). and this is why i think that the micro, or flash iPods will sell well, even without a screen.

  3. Wait, let us all pretend that we are participating in a “now how it feels to be blind (pc: visual impaired)”

    I have to say that this goes against all rules of UI design. Might as well put out a computer without a MONITOR port~!

    Either someone is really pulling our legs or Apple is really asking for a leap of faith from consumers.

  4. I know it’s hard to say this but it’s going to fail. People said the mini would fail. That’s y. This is all hearsay. There are no facts. One source said it might have a screen. One source said�it won’t. Remember Macworld 2004? Steve was talking about the rio and how the interface is so bad. Y would they release an ipod without a screen. It goes against what they believe. Thinksecret’s source said that the width will b the same as the mini but two lines shorter. It has to be about the screen. Steve Jobs said it. He said the mini has the same award winning interface has the ipod. If it doesn’t have a screen I’ll kill myself. Impossible. Remember these r rumors. People love to hype things. How could apple release it without a screen? Then again it’s apple and we have no idea until we c it. It might b high.

  5. Not all MP3 players have a screen. This music player would be all about simplicity; press play and enjoy. I jog with my iPod and once the music starts playing I only ever touch it to skip a track.

    This device might not impress people with its technology but it allow more iTunes users to take their music on the road.

  6. In fact.. the point of the device, even the bigger iPods, is to sit in your pocket while you’re on the bus, etc.. it’s not that hard to imagine an iPod that you almost never take out of your pocket..

    it has to have two big buttons for volume, a play/pause button.. and two small buttons for the song (back/forward)

    I kinda liked the mock ups.. the entire button would push in for play/pause..

    like the d-pad on the xbox…

  7. I can see a specific market for this and I can seeing it filling that market nicely.

    Apple has obviously done their research on this – they are gonna sell millions of these – just like the Ipod Mini!

    I know of several people who this would apeal to straight away…

  8. Bleez…

    The ‘Ipod’ is now a very successful brand.

    Apple have developed the brand to be the marque for all it’s consumer retail based products.

    Expect in the future other Ipod branded low-medium cost mass consumer products – not just music players.

    Steve will show in his keynote tomorrow that as well as a computer/software company, Apple is now a successful mass consumer retail company too and could evolve into a much better version of Sony in the future.

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