CBS MarketWatch posts video of Steve Jobs’ unveiling of Mac mini from Macworld Expo keynote

Taking aim at the market for low-cost computers, Apple Computer Chief Executive Steve Jobs introduces a slimmed-down version of the company’s Macintosh computer — the Mac Mini, priced from $499.

CBS MarketWatch has posted video of Jobs’ keynote where he unveiled the Mac mini in your choice of Real or Windows Media here.

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  1. The Mac mini is the first computer that women will adore. Apple is so brilliant in this. It weighs less than 3lbs. It comes in a beautiful little box that even has a little orhandle on it! Dell computers are male designed with men in mind. How could a woman pass up such a beautiful computer that she can so easilly carry out of the store by herself. Apple is a company full of geniuses!

    Most women are not hard core gamers I would imaging so the G4 vs. G5 arguement is moot. All this being said, guys (myself included) will easilly find this machine perfectly suited to certain tasks.

    Bravo Apple!

  2. Both Real and Windows Media work fine on my OS X PowerMac G4. Sure, I would prefer QuickTime be available. But I also can appreciate the reality of the situation.

    I am thankful that both Real and Windows Media players exist for my platform of choice. I won’t whinge until I lose that priveledge. And I say ‘priveledge’ because it hasn’t cost me a cent.

  3. This is the most innovtive Mac ever! Hooray for Apple and PC are fuk sooner or later! I hope in year the growth of Apple Market share will boost hopefully up to 20 percent! To the Window zealots here are your chances to own a Mac give it a shot ….see if you can turn back to Window Os!

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