RUMOR: Apple ‘iPod flash’ to come in $149 1GB and $199 2GB versions

“Apple’s long-rumored flash-based iPod will be introduced at Macworld Expo in 1GB and likely 2GB versions, Think Secret has confirmed,” ThinkSecret reports. “Rapidly falling flash prices have enabled Apple to buy 1GB modules from Samsung at a relatively low cost, sources report, which in turn will allow Apple to sell the device for $149. Sources have also suggested that a 2GB version, packing two tiny 1GB flash modules, may sell for $199… insiders report that recent manufacturing issues may postpone the device’s full-scale roll-out for as long as a month.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: If other rumors are true that Apple will bump the ‘iPod mini’ up to 5GB for the same $249 price as the current 4GB ‘iPod mini,’ these new 1GB and 2GB ‘iPod flash’ units, for US$149 and $199 respectively, will fit pretty nicely into the iPod family’s price/storage framework.


  1. I could go for a 1 gb ipod flash. It would allow me to use it for running since my 3G ipod skips all over the place whenever I use it for that.

    1 gig for 149 seems like a fair price to me. I was expecting a 0.5 gig model would be released for 100-150.

  2. ndelc,

    The question of the legality in reporting rumors isn’t that they’re doing it, it’s about how they are getting the info. If they are coercing it out of Apple employees somehow, then both TS and that employee are breaking the law. If someone from Apple comes to them with info, they are very much within their legal right to pass it on. In that scenario, only the employee is at fault, and rightfully so.

  3. 1GB= approx 250 songs. Sounds pretty fair given the prices being charged for the current crop of flash players. Last January, all the “experts” and many of the Mac faithful claimed that a $200-250 miniPod would be too expensive and would flop.

  4. BTW-Piper has reported that iTunes Music is now selling at about 6.7 million songs per week. It would appear that all those Christmas pods are being put to good use.

  5. Has anyone put much thought into whether the flash based iPod will just be an iPod mini with different storage. The form factor is small already, peripherals already exist, and people recognize what it is. You could buy a 1GB and “claim” it was a 4GB to impress people, but in reality you saved yourself about $100.

  6. A 1 GB iPod flash would be a breakthrough price at $149. Rio’s Forge 128 MB player costs $139. Their Forge 256 MB player costs $169.Their Cali 256 MB player costs exactly $149.

    iRiver’s 512 MB player costs $199 and their 1 GB player costs $249.

    Who says Apple’s overpriced? ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”tongue rolleye” style=”border:0;” />

    iRiver store:

    Rio store:

  7. me want smaller iPod… iPod Micro. That wish requires a smaller form factor.

    I’m with Mike… <drool> ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” /> </drool>

  8. Not you,

    I understand the question of legality at hand. My point is, ThinkSecret’s author has decided to concede to Apple legal’s demands (removing the info on the four products) because he wants to avoid costly litigation which he would have to deal with regardless of who is found right or wrong. One would think that, under the circumstances, he would decide it prudent not to talk about any of the four products in question to avoid having to retain the cost of his lawyer’s services again. Apparently not.

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