PowerLogix and OWC announce G3 Processor Upgrade for original PCI-based Macs

PowerLogix and Other World Computing (OWC) today announced the PowerForce 750GX G3 processor upgrade for original PCI-based Apple Power Macintosh computers. It is immediately available for $239.99 through OWC, the exclusive distributor of PowerLogix products.

The 1.0GHz PCI 750GX is the latest addition to the award-winning PowerForce G3 processor line and the fastest upgrade option ever produced for legacy PCI Power Mac models. It operates at 1GHz and includes 1.0MB of L2 cache, also running at 1GHz. The PowerForce 750GX utilizes the 20x bus multiplier of the IBM PowerPC 750GX processor to allow older PCI-based Power Macs to reach 1GHz speeds.

“The PowerForce 750GX allows older Power Macs to operate at modern CPU (central processing unit) speeds, extending the life of these machines at minimal expense,” said Larry O’Connor, president of OWC in the press release. “And not only can users of the original PCI-based Macs now work faster and more effectively than ever, since the card is compatible with Mac OS 8.6 and higher, they’ll also have the added benefit of using the operating system of their choice. This includes Mac OS X, which is simply phenomenal, especially when used with OWC’s XPostFacto.”

A descendent of the original PowerForce G3 (which was previously given the honor of “Editor’s Choice” by Macworld Magazine), the PowerForce 750GX is compatible with the 7300, 7500, 7600, 8500, 8600, 9500 and 9600 models from Apple Computer. It is also compatible with select Power Computing and Umax clones.

Additional features of the PowerForce 750GX include a built-in fan sink to provide necessary CPU cooling, fail-safe protection circuitry (in case the card is not fully plugged into the motherboard CPU slot), CPU Director software for adjusting speeds on the fly and compatibility with add-on PCI cards.

For more information, visit http://www.macsales.com/750GX


  1. yeah… 112 Mgs of Ram wouldnt be enuff to run Puma, I wouldnt think… but you can get 128 mg sticks for that machine for about $25 each (ballpark) ….

    With two, …plus … what you already have

    You might be able to do it….

    Even if you just use the 8500 for a file server, it might be worth looking into..

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