Enderle: Rumored $500 Apple Mac ‘should be a media server, not a general purpose PC’

“Recent speculation has Apple releasing a $500 computer without a monitor into the market. While this is likely what it shouldn’t be is a general purpose PC, what is should be is a media server,” Rob Enderle writes for TechnologyPundits.com.

MacDailyNews Take: We think the general idea that the above conglomeration of words are trying to convey is: People are speculating about a $500 Mac. A monitor wouldn’t be included for that price. I think that it’s likely, but it should be a media server, not a general purpose Mac.

“Apple should not have a $500 general purpose box under the same brand as their premium lines. The perception of quality and exclusivity would be damaged and the net impact on revenues and margins would, if past patterns hold, accelerate their already negative path,” Enderle writes. “However a low cost media server that would host iPods, have a simplified user interface, and expand Apple into the new digital home could be vastly more powerful… My bet is that, assuming the $500 PC rumor is true, they will make the smart move, and follow the iPod into the Digital Home with a $500 PC that serves as a media server.”

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  1. Bull – noone has been able to prove that there is any market for a media server, nor that consumers even want any sort of media PC in their living room. This would just be a failure parallel to the failures of media center PCs in the x86 world. A low-cost Mac that the comsumer can plug into an exisiting CRT or LCD is a *great* idea.

  2. Maybe not you, but there are plenty of “media servers” that cost thousands of dollars. I bet Apple could best them at ease of use, and maybe even overall functionality.

    At least this would give Apple a reason to make it headless.

    I think it should do both.

  3. it would have to record TV in HD, play back iTunes DRM files, play iPhoto slide shows, play iMovies, connected via ethernet or Airport, and be able to be controlled remotly, so when I’m at work and find out a show i want to tape, I can issue the commands to do so. Must have at LEAST S-Video, and component video in’s and outs a better idea.

  4. almost first post…and first time I’ve ever been in agreement with Enderle. This thing is a media transfer box to integrate the computer/iPod to the rest of the living room. the iMac and the iBook are and will remain the gateways to Apple’s computing experience.

  5. I’m sorry but a $500 media box won’t do Apple as much good as a $500 Mac. They have plenty of cash reserves and plenty of good technology. Personally I think it’s a perfect time for them to offer a product that sacraficed some profitability for market share. If they bring out a line of sleek affordable monitors at the same time people will buy those with them if needed or use their own if not.

    There’s plenty of room to make extra money for SuperDrive, RAM and HDD upgrades, amongst other things.

    A media server would be a good idea, but in addition to a cheap Mac.

  6. “�accelerate their already negative path�”
    Once more Mr. Enderle speaks and his voice echos forth from HIS ASS! Mr. Enderle, you may not have noticed but Apple’s stock has been going UP & UP which is usually considered POSITIVE.

  7. I think that could work. I’ve just set up a HTPC in our living room, and although I wanted a Mac, I went with MS Media Center 2005 and a plain PC. Main reasons? It’s cheaper, and there’s much more hardware and software to choose from. That doesn’t mean I am giving up my PB as my main production machine though. A cheap Mac that could serve as my home’s media server for music, photos, tv, dvd etc would be a great idea, I think.

  8. Ummm…a general G4-based Mac could easily fulfill either or both functions. The only thing crippling that kind of box would do is cripple an opportunity for Apple to really grow some mind and marketshare.

    Enderle, in addition to being solely a MicroSucks tool, is basically an idiot that only occasionally gets something right for the wrong reasons. I doubt that he’s correct here, and if he is, it means that Apple will likely be wrong.

  9. “The perception of quality and exclusivity would be damaged and the net impact on revenues and margins would, if past patterns hold, accelerate their already negative path,” Enderle writes.

    “Already negative path”? WTF is this guy smoking? UHH note to DipSh*t: Apple’s stock improved by over 200 % last year, they are one of the top S & P 500 performers. Revenue increased IN EVERY PRODUCT SEGMENT!

    Is that a freudian slip there dummy? You feel that APple being profitable and a well run business is a “Negative Path” maybe for you Gates/Balmer plumb lickers…WTF?

  10. Recent speculation has Enderle releasing a $500 mouth without a brain into the market. While this is likely what it shouldn’t be is a general purpose mouth, what is should be is a ball server.

  11. iServe spill over? Mid November 2004 Senior Vice President for Macintosh Hardware Development Tim Bucher departed Apple after short stay. Other business interest included 2002 founder and Chairman of Mirra Inc >www.mirra.com<. What does Mirra do? How about a Personal Server running linux. Very interesting? ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”question” style=”border:0;” />

  12. I think this is gonna be last years performance bare-bones box that only gets switchers feet wet. They have nothing to lose if they do this as long as the quality is good because they have nothing in this price range unless you wanna consider the iPod photo.

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