Apple CEO Steve Jobs offers ‘dump’ of a house free to anyone who’ll take it away

“The billionaire co-founder of the computer giant Apple is offering one of his homes for free to anyone who can afford to dismantle the 35-room mansion and remove it from his San Francisco estate,” Craig Howie reports for The Scotsman. “When Steve Jobs bought the sprawling house two decades ago, he planned to tear down the building he describes as ‘an abomination’ and to redevelop the land, but he had not reckoned on the strength of feeling among conservationists, who lobbied to save the 17,000sq ft red tile and stucco mansion, arguing it should be protected as a listed building.”

“The computer mogul finally struck a deal with planning officials, who ruled he could demolish the building, but only if he first tried to entice someone to relocate it. So far, more than 100 people have applied in the hope of securing it,” Howie reports.

“However, taking the house to bits and transporting it elsewhere will not be cheap or easy, warned Howard Kelly, a professional house mover,” Howie reports. “He estimated that dismantling the building would cost at least $500,000, while relocating and re-assembling it would take at least $2 million. “‘It’s a toughie,’ he said. ‘It just isn’t sensible. God pity the guy who is going to put that back together.'”

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  1. I don’t thinj its a dump as such, just old and in need of repair. Rewiring, plumbing etc. I don’t know how old it is but where I’m living is over 150 years old and the place is falling apart.

  2. It apparently has a good location. He thought he could quietly remove it and build a new 35-room mansion without any of his neighbors noticing.

    I still think the next Mac must be the iSore using authentic material from the “dump”.

  3. You may lose an old dump, house, mansion, piece of history, what ever you want to call it, but just think of what will be built in its place! From the mind (and money) of Steve. (No, not me, that other hansom gentleman.
    Any time you want to invite my wife & I and my kids over for lunch and a swim, just let me know!

    Brought to you by the magic word “building” That’s just too freaky!

  4. I’d _live_ in it, as is! me and a few of my friends. It’ll be fun, we’ll sleep, and smoke crack, and talk to us and our friends. Yes, and we’ll pee alot. Did I mention smoke crack? Who knows, maybe one of us will move on to paint masterpieces, or create breakthrough architecture. Yo, this house is worth half of what that rich dude (MDN magic word = written) avoided in taxes _last year_. Ok, not him, but those bourgoisie scum that serve His Royal Highness. Maybe he should just write a script to just make it go away.

    tell application “sfgate”
    eject inquisitive_reporters
    end tell

    man, i hate the rain

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