Unlike Windows users, Mac OS X users surf the Internet without a care in the world

“If you take to the World Wide Web, it would be wise to take some precautions. A spy could be watching over your shoulder, tracking your every move. The spy isn’t a member of an al-Qaida sleeper cell – it’s a little piece of software, called ‘spyware,'” Eric E. Harrision reports for The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. “It could be just an innocent method of directing your attention to advertisements tailored to your taste. Or it could be a tool for criminals to steal your identity and clean out your bank account.”

Harrision reports, “almost all spyware is aimed at Microsoft products; folks who work on Macintosh computers or who use non-Microsoft e-mail and Internet applications are, if not completely immune, at much less risk. ‘If you’re using a mail client other than [Microsoft’s] Outlook, if you’re using a browsing engine other than Internet Explorer, [spyware] won’t work because [just about] all of them are targeted toward a Microsoft platform,’ Elizabeth Bowles, president of Arkansas-based Internet service provider Aristotle, explains. ‘The programmers are focused on ‘Where am I going to hit?’ And that’s 80 percent of the population, and that’s not Mac. OS X [Macintosh’s latest operating system], it’s – I don’t want to say bulletproof, but it’s a very good system where this kind of thing is concerned.'”

Harrision reports, “An Edafio Technologies (a Little Rock technology management company) spokesman concurs: ‘Mac OS X doesn’t offer nearly as many places for this type of parasitic software to ‘hide.’ Windows users are so much more prevalent than Mac users that programmers designing malware [viruses and spyware] focus only on Windows environments for their parasitic programs.’ Edafio Technologies is offering a free ‘webinar,’ or Internet-based seminar, to help Web surfers guard against spyware infiltration. The ‘webinar’ is available at Edafio’s Web site: http://www.edafio.com/webinars/webinars_0001.html

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: For our Windows-only friends, information about smoothly adding a safe, secure, powerful, and fun Mac OS X machine to your computing arsenal can be found here.

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  1. What, MDN isn’t pointing out the secure by obscurity fallacy? No hundred links to other related stories? Amazing. Now if they can only stop publishing this crap on their front page. Can’t you guys make a separate section, like “Stroke Your Mac” or “Reaffirm Your Mac Superiority?” There you should be able to discover that Sanji Gupta of the Bombay Standard also believes Mac to be superior to Windows. Yay!

  2. Effwerd, for real Mac news, I go to http://www.macworld.co.uk. They have info posted 7 hours before anyone in the US wakes up.

    I agree that MacDailyNews is more like Mac Strokin’ News, but the initials MSN are already taken by someone. I come here whenever my adolescent side needs to be fed an ego boost; not so much in computer choice superiority (priding oneself on selecting the obvious is childish even for a 10 year old) , but as a place where I can freely inject an opinion that is able to stand out by merely using more than 3 neurons of forethought and a few polysyllabic words. For me, it’s purely an ego thing here.

  3. It seems that MDN has more Microsoft-related info than Mac news.
    Why? – �cause outside of iPod there is no Mac news!!!
    I wonder why Apple owners would be interested in reading about Microsoft crap?
    Could you imagine going to the Ford website and reading negative story after story about their competition?

  4. Thanks to the iMac G5, now 3 macs in the family!

    Of course Arthur’s Pet Chase showed the bad side of my Mac this weekend to my in-laws, since it wont work in 10.3 and wont run in classic, I have to restart in 9 for my son to play. Broderbund, who sells the Learning Company brand software, has no update for it or my other Arthur titles (Camping)

  5. All news is good news for Apple these days, and the Stock is bowing down into a huge buying opportunity for those who didn’t get in a year ago, or wish to add to their portfolio…

  6. Hey effwerd – sounds like you are jealous of the superiority of Macs! They are a computer, not people. Unlike people you can own one. They are an object of purchase that you can actually obtain – Meaning GO BUY ONE and quit being envious of us ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

    We aren’t stroking our own personal superiority – we are touting the superiority of the computing platform we choose to use. There is a difference.

  7. Ah Arkansas, a hot bed of intellect and the state that gave us Bill and Hillary, known now as the Billary team. A place where wives call their husband’s brother. That’s a place that I really don’t care to hear their opinion on any thing, been their (Arkansas) not going back. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”cool smile” style=”border:0;” />

  8. You need admin rights in OSX to add any software no matter what it is.
    And you must type in your password to get any software installed. That’s why OSX can’t be infected. Windows lets this happen just by clicking OK and blindly installs it without a care.

  9. I agree Aryugaetu. And I really don’t have a problem with it. I come here to satisfy my juvenile need to post ridiculous comments (occasionally). ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” /> Sometimes, though, I feel Al’s sentiment: redundant, redundant, redundant.

    Now, since the magic work is “work” I think I will.

  10. Missed this, so:

    ZackMac, I’ve been a Mac user since 1985. My last computer was an iMac 333. My new Mac is a 20″ iMac G5 (I love typing that). What was your point again?

  11. zackmac: “We aren’t stroking our own personal superiority – we are touting the superiority of the computing platform we choose to use. There is a difference.”

    Except in your case, that is.

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