Dr. Mac predicts ‘full-featured Apple Mac model for under US$600’ and more in 2005

“It’s been years since I made a fool of myself by publicly predicting what we might see from Apple in the coming year,” Bob ‘Dr. Mac’ Levitus writes for The Houston Chronicle. “But, having scoured the rumor sites and probed the minds of Mac-savvy friends…”

“I predict Apple will expand its iPod product line in 2005, adding lower-priced models with desirable new features. And a year from now, Apple will dominate the entire portable music player market, just as it dominates the hard disk-based segment of it today… New PowerBook and iBook models that offer improved performance, new features and aggressive pricing…. This is my longest shot, but I predict Apple will introduce a full-featured Mac model in 2005 that costs under $600,” Levitus writes.

Full article here.

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  1. Yeah Doc – I think that’s a pretty stretched prediction. I mean, the eMac is a pretty thinly stretched/equipped mac, not what I would call a “full-featured Mac” – and the eMac is no where near $600 or less.

    Plus, Apple “…is the BMW of the computer world” – would BMW every offer a cheap car?
    Maybe, but it’d be pretty crummy and would ruin the reputation of BMW only making quality cars. It’d become “Some quality, some cheap”.

    You get what you pay for.

  2. I think they have to do it. Despite having a better product, their market share keeps dropping. And I know all of the arguments against the market share stat as well as any Mac guy, but the bottom line is it matters.

    The average PC price is dropping, and with China becoming a major player, we are going to see home PC’s in the $300-500 range. Consumer buying habits for home PC–excluding gamers, techies, and techophiles–is treating a PC like a commodity. And I know these are stripped down machines, but most corporations and families could care less.

    Apple won’t compete at the very bottom, but they will need an offering in the 600-800 USD range. We really need to see those market share numbers increase. They have dropped quarter over quarter for years now.

  3. that wasn’t a prediction.. that was a wish list of sorts.. he basically said, yea this is a long shot.. the other stuff he said is pretty much a lock.. the iPod Phone.. or a flash iPod… a no-brainer..

    Apple has already said they wouldn’t bother looking for those low-end margins..

    Cannibalize eMac sales..

  4. Powerbooks and PowerMacs sales are twice of the combined iMac’s eMac’s and iBooks sales for Apple.

    Lets face it, the lower you go in the price, the less profits and the less support a company can offer.

    Support costs a company a ton, that’s why Apple charges for AppleCare. People are retarted, in various stages of a learning curve or not technical savvy.

    I owned a eMac, it sucked seappy bill gates hershy squits on rotten dumpster drippings.

    Now I got me a real PowerMac and she’s a beutiful powerful machine.

  5. Owning BOTH an eMac and a G5 PowerMac, I can say that the eMac bashers are in serious need of counseling. The fact is that for Joe/Jane average the eMac is not a bad machine. The vast majority of Mac users DO NOT own a copy of Adobe CS, write websites, edit broadcast-grade video or play Halo.
    Joe/Jane average want to browse the ‘net, e-mail, IM, edit and print Digital Photos, run iTunes, run Office (mostly Word Processing), run Quicken and play some low level games. For that market the eMac is just fine and I’m sure the next revision will make it even better.

  6. Steve Jobs has said that the Mac is the BMW or Mercedes of computers. BMW 325i Sedan: $29,300 according to http://www.bmwusa.com. Mercedes C230 Kompressor Sport Sedan: $29,970 according to http://www.mbusa.com. Now, nearly $30K isn’t exactly cheap, but when you have a choice between a that and a $24,000 Ford Taurus, I’d be willing to bet that the Benz and BMW will still outclass and outperform the Taurus. So yes, it IS possible for Apple to make a cheaper, full-featured computer; it just has to be done right.

  7. Has no one read ThinkSecret tonight?

    Doc may not be popping pills, Carl. I have no idea whether or not Mr. Levitus or the rumor website author are speculating or leaking accurately, but it sure is intriguing.

    What would the naysayers (Dvorak, et. al.) were Apple to trade some profit margin for marketshare?

  8. I predict a headless eMac, a Macintosh two button Mouse, and video out for the iPod with viewing glasses so you can have full screen anywhere. They may also add a FM Tuner and built-in recording to a high end iPod. They will come up with a video equivalent of ITMS for this new iPod so you can buy content online in a new better compressed codec so download times will be shorter.

    A Flash iPod is already a gimme. Same with a Motorola/Apple phone – the devil is in the details though which we won’t know til MacWorld in SF.

    The powerbook line is due for an update. I predict they will continue to have problems getting the G5 in a powerbook so will go to a Dualcore G4 to tide them over.

    Way out on a limb would be more media center peripherals like a way to record TV on your Mac and then stream it to your TV with an Airport Express with video out.

    I think a killer currently undersold feature of Tiger will be greatly enhanced voice commands.

    There. Now lets see Apple come out of left field and take everyone by surprise again like they usually do.

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