Windows iPod+iTunes users switching to Apple Macintosh platform

“Tim Hanrahan and Jason Fry write for The Wall Street Journal’s “Real Time Exchange” every Thursday, posting responses from readers to their Real Time column, published Mondays. Their latest article:

“Readers weigh in on Apple and possibility of ‘Halo Effect'”

“In Monday’s column, we predicted that the combination of the iPod’s popularity and the increasing worry over viruses, security holes and spyware in Windows PCs will lead to the second coming of Apple Computer as a home-computing power,” Tim Hanrahan and Jason Fry report for The Wall Street Journal. “To say that struck a chord would be putting it mildly. Boy, did we ever get mail — including a significant number of people who said that the iPod, Windows security concerns or a combination of the two had made them switch to a Mac or plan to do so. We also got letters from readers who disagreed with our hypothesis.

One letter goes like this, “For 20 years I have purchased countless PCs for our family of four, each of whom wanted each successive wave of Intel and Windows innovations. We knew there were Macs out there, but they never were much of a consideration, because we were connected to a PC world at work, at school and with friends and family. In the last few weeks, three of us have switched to a Mac, and the fourth will do so soon. In the blink of an eye we have gone from all-Redmond to all-Cupertino, and we are not looking back.”

Full article with the letters here.


  1. Actually Reality Boy, this is on Apple site under Hot News. So I guess they are boasting about it, as well they should. Articles like this are great and will convince more and more people to come into the light.

  2. Just a Fact in my Realm
    3 of my friends, one a previous Apple owner and 2 previous PC owners have been converted in the last 3 months.
    All because the ipod made them rethink about apple as a alternative and the constant problems of the PC’s pushed them in to the Apple world, and they have not looked back, They all now own imac G5’s

    Working on one more convert by next year.

  3. mattyg…

    Doesn’t it makes sense that Intel would WANT the games industry to push forward with better graphics and bigger games.. Just an idea..

    If the games didn’t get bigger, no one would see a need for a new computer.. MS word will never need 4 Ghz

    Dell wants you to play games cuz you have to keep upgrading..

    Beyond games.. MOST ppl can keep their PC’s for like, 4-5 years..

    Provided they don’t die.

    It’s worth noting that speed bumps are NOT important to most people. Don’t buy into it.. the prices are low for the requirements most people need…

  4. king_alvarez says: “I wouldn’t say this is exactly a huge problem for Apple. My 700 Mhz iMac has been able to tackle everything I’ve thrown at it over the past couple years.”

    If that�s how all Apple buyers think then Apple is in big trouble. You are only important to Apple as a new computer (or other Apple product) customer. If Apple owners aren�t buying replacement computers regularly then who is going to support Apple??? It ain�t PC owners.

  5. ‘not_king alvarez’

    It’s not the job of the consumer to ‘support Apple’. They’re a business, not a religion. They make computers, not karma. If his 700MHz iMac does all he wants it to, that’s his business. He shouldn’t be made to feel bad about this by Apple zealots making inane points on Mac advocacy sites.

    One of the things I always read about Macs is that they have amazing longevity – and this guy has a near three year old iMac model which he’s found perfect for his needs over that period. Perfect example of the extra outlay being well worth it on yet another level.

    Assess your attitude man, it sucks.

  6. Given that Apple are having a very difficult time meeting demand right now (and for the next several quarters), then it is probably better for Apple computer buys to not upgrade for every 200 Mhz bump in CPU performance, I know that many people in the midwest tend to get a new/er car every 2-3 years, and they have become accustomed to this cycle because of crap roads, harsh weather, and such, and so the transition to buying a new PC every 2-3 years fits ith this buying cycle mentality. Apple computer users tend to keep their computers around longer, either because of the disruption / problems that transfering files & installing programs causes ( many macs are not just in the home but several different creative industries find them vital to their workflows), so they upgrade gradually. But this isn’t always true for every one.

  7. Obviously Mike has a real old Mac, too.
    Apple�s market share is based on current sales, not your 5 year old iMac, Mike. If no one buys, market share and sales go down. Real obvious Mike.
    Since most Macs are bought by Mac owners and Mac owners buy every 5 years and there are around 20,000,000 Mac owners out there,that means Apple sells about 4 million a year. Plus some percentage extra to newbies.
    Unless Apple owners speed up their cycle of purchasing how do you think Apple will ever increase market share?
    And don�t say it will be from ipod PC owners switching to Macs. That number of people is miniscule.
    The whole point of OSX from a marketer�s point of view was to get people that own old Macs to dump them and buy a new one.
    And you don�t think Apple is a religion? Then why do you come give praise at the MDN alter mulitple times a day???

  8. not Mike
    And you don�t think Apple is a religion? Then why do you come give praise at the MDN alter mulitple times a day???

    I bow to your logic and wisdom.

    Where’s the line for the Koolaid?

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