Apple’s iPod helps power Amazon to single-day sales record

“ Inc. on Monday said sales of consumer electronics surpassed book sales for the first time and was its largest sales category over the Thanksgiving weekend, launching the online retailer’s busiest holiday selling season in 10 years. The company also said it set a single-day sales record during the period with more than 2.8 million units, or 32 items per second, ordered across the globe,” The Associated Press reports.

“Visitor traffic peaked at an estimated 700,000 users during a 60-minute period, according to’s Holiday Shoppers tracking program. Its top-selling electronics products include Apple Computer Inc.’s iPod media player,” AP reports. Full article here.

According to Amazon, “The top selling electronics products this year were the Apple 20GB iPod, the Apple 4GB Silver Mini iPod, the Phillips DVP642 DivX Progressive Scan DVD player, the iTunes $15 prepaid Card and the Canon PowerShot SD 110 3MP Digital Elph camera.” Full article here.


  1. Amazon is the new Walmart which, in other news, had a miserable holiday sales period.

    And the Apple Retail Stores have completely silenced their critics who were predicting their demise 2-3 years ago, and have become the darling of retail. I was surprised to see a HUGE line outside my local store (and not many people holding products for returns) before it’s early opening on Sunday 12-26. I decided to come back several hours later and it was still jam packed!

  2. They ought to rename Wal-Mart “The China Shop”, because everything that is not food is made there. Somewhere, Sam Walton is turning in his grave. I choose not to buy from countries that have prison factories full of people whose only crime is the desire for either religious freedom and/or a democratic government. When ever I have the option not to buy from the ChiComms, I will.

  3. Let me get this straight, 3 of the top five sellers were: 20GB iPod, Silver iPod mini, and $15 to iTunes Music Store.

    It seems to me that all those companies that declared war….well,

    They’re losing.

    (The magic word is forward, as in, Apple is for the people who push the human race forward.)

  4. Pretty much everything is made in China.
    I try to buy products made elsewhere, but often have no choice.
    Lowe’s and Home Depot are the same as Wallmart when it comes to small electrical appliances:
    Portable Heaters
    Blow dryers
    coffee makers
    vacuum cleaners
    the list goes on.

  5. Uh.. Yeah.. Free Trade brings us commodities where unskilled labour is involved.

    How do you feel about Indonesia, or Mexico…

    How do you feel about having a 15 year old stoner taking your order a McDonalds or Pizza Hut… There’s unskilled labour and shit pay… It would be even lower were it not for the minimum wage laws.. So what’s the problem?

    It’s not a race issue .. it’s economics. Once they get educated they get out of the system.. same as in the US and Canada.

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