Analyst: With growing Mac market share, Apple has to start acting like a grown-up company

“Apple Computer, the maker of iPod digital-music players and Macintosh computers, has sued three software developers, contending they distributed unreleased versions of its OS X computer operating system on the Internet,” Bloomberg News reports. “‘Before, they didn’t have enough market share to care about things like this,’ said Eugene Munster, an analyst with Piper Jaffray & Company in Minneapolis. Mr. Munster, who rates the stock as outperform, said Apple computers represent 2 percent of the global personal computer market, and that share is increasing. ‘With a growing market share, they’re going to have to start acting like a grown-up company.'”

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  1. Had anyone distributed unreleased Mac OSes before this? Has anyone heard of previous leaks?

    It’s probably Microsoft’s fault – all the FUD, lies, viruses, patches – other companies just think misinformation and bad tactics are standard practice

  2. “Before, they didn’t have enough market share to care about things like this”

    Hmmmmm… So when exactly was “Before” ??

    2-3% marketshare now (increasing, according to Munster but allegedly still dropping, according to others) vs 10% marketshare “then”

    Doesn’t he remember the Apple vs. Microsoft “Look & Feel” suit ??


    Heck! Since when DIDN’T Apple sue for breach of non-disclosure. Where software developers are concerned, Apple is merely enforcing the contracts they SIGNED, and that IS a very grown up thing to do. If any software developers ever thought Longhorn was good enough to post on the web, and actually had the nerve to do so, doesn’t this guy think Micro$oft would sue for the same reason??

    For some people, nothing that Apple does will ever be right enough.

    This post brought to you by the word ‘can’– meaning undisclosed for fear of lawsuits.

  3. And who doesn’t sue when a developer violates the terms of thier Non-Disclosure Agreement?

    M$ is suing people as well, it’s called protecting your intellectual property.

    Apple has protect it’s interests to stay in buisness.

    This ANAList can kiss mine.

  4. Woah woah woah.. there is an NDA here.. and that’s what this is about.. releasing images of Tiger breaks that agreement.. this is standard stuff.. what the hell is this analyst suggesting..

    Furthermore.. the Installed base on OS 9 and OS X is 30 million.. lets just talk about that number okay.. this percentage crap is not as helpful as it seems..

    So.. what if Apple has great ideas..and they freak out when the NDA is breached… is that an immature way to protect your assets?

    *shakes head…

    I think this was just an excuse to say..hey Apple’s gonna have a better marketshare next quarter.. not really sure what else this means.. oh yeah.. they also have a breakthrough OS coming out and.. LOOK.. some people are trying to get an early peek at it..

    these analysts really really have no clue.. it’s nice that.. because of a MUSIC PLAYER.. they’re starting to look at Apple’s CORE business.. (pffft)

  5. I prefer to call them analcysts. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” /> Thought I’d invented it, but it’s been used quite a bit in Linux forums while discussing SCO.

  6. WHOA – hot heads! Isn’t the analyst actually endorsing Apple’s behavior here? I think you guys may be reading this wrong. Piper Jaffray seems to be on Apple’s side lately. Granted, his choice of wording was unfortunate…

  7. I agree with Another perspective. Mr. Munster may have not have chosen the best words to make his point, but I think his point is basically that major companies have to worry about things like this (as CDR stated earlier) and Apple is now in a position where it needs to be more concerned with possible information leaks. He is just supporting his outperform rating on Apple stock by showing that Apple has some very strong potential to grow in different areas, a position Apple has not really been in for the last few years. He just chose a confusing way to make a positive point.

  8. Whoa.

    Seems “acting grown-up” is something a few Apple fanatics might want to try too. The only two to read this with any intelligence are Another perspective and king_alvarez.

    Get a grip; this is a positive article.

  9. The point is, he’s alledging that Apple has not consistently protected it’s intellectual property.

    His premise is falacious; his conclusions are worthless.

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